Most Common Vaping Mistakes How To Fix Them

If you’re considering switching from traditional smoking to electronic cigarettes, you’re definitely making a wise choice. E-cigarettes are a less harmful alternative to smoking, and there’s growing support from health experts, as evidenced by an ITV News report. It suggests that e cigarette users had 97% lower levels of NNAL (which is strongly associated with lung cancer).

Nevertheless, entering the world of e-cigarettes can be daunting, particularly for newcomers. The wide array of vaping products available in the UK market often leaves novices feeling overwhelmed. Inexperienced users, unaware of the correct usage of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, tend to make several common mistakes that hinder their vaping experience. In this article, we will outline these common vaping errors and provide guidance on how to rectify them.

Neglecting to Read the Instructions

One of the most common blunders made by electronic cigarette users is ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions. We understand that sifting through lengthy manuals can be tedious, but it’s imperative to read them to protect your vaping device from damage and to master the correct vaping technique.

Improperly Assembling Your E-Cigarette

After refilling the tank of your e-cigarette, it’s essential to securely tighten it to prevent leaks. The proper assembly technique can often be observed when disassembling your device, and you can consult the instructions for further guidance.

Vaping Incorrectly

Many new e-cigarette users mistakenly approach vaping as they would traditional smoking. Instead of taking quick, forceful puffs, the correct method involves a slow, gentle inhale, which allows you to create a smooth, satisfying vapour cloud.

Overusing Your E-Cigarette After Refilling

E-liquid requires some time to be absorbed into the coil properly. Using your e-cigarette immediately after refilling is a mistake. Allow the liquid to soak in thoroughly to avoid dry hits, which can result in a burnt taste.

Forgetting to Turn Off Your E-Cigarette When It’s in Your Pocket

A common mistake is neglecting to turn off your e-cigarette when it’s not in use. Failing to do so not only affects battery life but can also lead to unintended leakage and coils burning out. Remember to switch off your e-cigarette when it’s not in use.

Using an E-Cigarette with Low Liquid Levels

If you experience a burnt taste while vaping, it’s an indicator that the e-cigarette’s liquid tank is running low. To prevent this issue, regularly check the liquid level in the tank while vaping. If you vape without any liquid in your device, you will also burn your coil.

Incorrectly Filling the Tank

Mastering the proper filling technique may take some time. Do not overfill your tank, and ensure the fill port or top cap is securely closed.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can be sure to have the best vaping experience possible.


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