How to Fill a Vape Tank with E Liquid: Step by Step Guide

Vaping enthusiasts derive immense pleasure from watching the voluminous clouds of flavoured e-liquids swirl. As these clouds fill the slender device and are gently exhaled, diffusing into the atmosphere, the experience becomes truly euphoric. The addition of various flavours only enhances the delight.

Yet, as you observe the cloud slowly dissipating, it’s a sign that your vape tank needs replenishing. Fear not; the process is relatively straightforward. Let’s break it down step by step.

  1. Disassemble the Tank:

To begin, disassemble the tank by unscrewing the top cap or fill port of your device. If you intend to change the e-liquid flavour, it’s advisable to clean the tank beforehand.

  1. Prepare the Coil:

When it’s time to prepare a new coil, we recommend “priming” your coil. Gently drip liquid into the coil’s holes (just one or two drops each). This process, known as priming the coil, extends its lifespan.

  1. Fill the Tank:

Unscrew and open the top connector to access the tank. Carefully dispense the flavour into the tank, filling it up to the marked level. Take care not to let the liquid enter the central tube of the tank, which serves as an air passage and could lead to the flavour ending up in your mouth.

  1. Reassemble the Vaporizer:

Once the tank is filled, reattach the top cap or close your fill port. If you allow your device to remain open, you are extremely prone to leaking.

  1. Allow it to Sit:

After reassembly, let the vape sit for approximately 2-3 minutes to allow the coil to become fully saturated. The best flavour emerges when the coil is well-saturated, and this practice safeguards against dry flavour

To fully savor the filled flavour, there are several tips to consider:

  • Balance the PG/VG Ratio:

Maintain a PG/VG ratio for flavour concentration between 50/50 and 70/30. This balance enhances flavour richness; lower ratios may result in a less vibrant taste.


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