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A box mod is a vape mod on the more powerful side. Most single battery ecig mods provide around 80w of power. Dual battery devices can provide up to (and sometimes over) 200w. These devices come with a number of different features. They also have inbuilt protection features to keep you safe while vaping.

What Is A Box Mod?

An ecig box mod is a vape mod that is generally in a box style shape. These devices often pack a ton of features. This can include temperature control, bypass mode and more. Box mods are available in a number of styles, designs and colours.

Devices started out as vape pens, then slowly migrated to the devices we have now. These are a huge leap forward in technology and design. All vape mods feature a 510 connection, so vape tanks and RDAs can be easily swapped between them.

What Batteries Do They Use?

The most popular battery for vape mods in the UK is 18650 cells. This is a standard size that is used by most vaping devices and are readily available. Some devices do use larger 20700 (or even 21700 cells). Make sure you check the device information before purchasing to ensure you have the correct batteries. Check stock an assortment of vape batteries, compatible with our ecig box mods.

How Do I Charge A Vape Mod

Most devices have a USB port. This can be used for charging and (where available) software updates. Unlike devices from several years ago, on-board charging has improved massively. You no longer need to purchase an additional charger for your vape mod.

We do still recommend having a spare set of cells ready to go for when your device runs flat.

These can easily be charged using a standalone charger. With two sets of batteries, you will always have charge ready to go.

How Much Power Do Vape Mods Have?

Each device will have its own maximum power output. Single battery devices can put out up to 100w, with dual battery devices outputting up to 220w. This can vary between manufacturers. There are some internal battery vape mods and the output will vary depending on battery size. You don’t need to use 100% of the power all the time.

We do recommend having more power available if you ever wanted to use it.

What Is Bypass Mode In Vaping?

Bypass mode allows you to run your box vape as if it was a mechanical mod. This will bypass any temp control or wattage adjustment. The power output to your tank or RDA is the maximum that your battery can output safely. For more information on bypass mode output and ohms law, take a look at our safe vaping explained article.

How Does Temp Control Work

Temperature control is an advancement that allows you to set a maximum vape temperature. This is useful for people who prefer a cool vape. This also stops your coils from burning when you forget to fill your tank up. When the coil heats up, the resistance changes a slight amount. By recognising this, your temp control box mod can limit the temperature. Only specific coil materials work with temperature control. Check with your tank instructions if TC coils are available for your device. These should be made of ni200, titanium or stainless steel.

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