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What are shortfill E Liquids?

When the TPD was put in place, restrictions were implemented for nicotine containing E Liquids. Because of this, shortfills were born.

A shortfill E-Liquid is a large bottle of vape juice that is filled short of its capacity (or short-filled). These juices contain no nic but leave space for a nicotine shot to be used. When adding a shot, the juice will then have the required nicotine content.

They can also be known as shake and vape or shake n vape liquids.

What are the TPD rules for short fill E-Liquids?

The TPD is the Tobacco Products Directive. The regulations became fully active on 20th May 2017, which brought regulation to the vape market. All vape juices containing nicotine were limited to a maximum strength of 20mg. The maximum size for a refill container was also capped at 10ml.

People have always preferred to buy a larger bottle, which is why short fill E-Liquids were created. As they are zero nic, they are not governed by the maximum bottle size. As 3mg was the most popular strength, most shortfills have room for enough nicotine shots to reach this.

  • When adding a single 18mg nic shot to a 50ml shortfill ELiquid, the end result is 60ml at 3mg.
  • When adding two 18mg nic shots to a 100ml shortfill E Liquid, the end result is 120ml at 3mg.

Shortfill e-juices do not need to have nicotine in them to be vaped. We offer them with nicotine free shots too, so you still get the full experience.

What devices should I use with shortfill E-Liquid?

We recommend using short fill E Liquid with sub-ohm kits.

These devices are designed to use a thicker, higher VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content liquid. The coils have larger wicking ports which allow the more viscous liquids to saturate the coils.

The opposite is true with pod kits. The coils tend to have smaller wicking ports which require a vape juice that has higher PG (Propylene Glycol) content. This juice is thinner, which allows it to permeate the smaller wicking ports.

What type of nicotine is used in shortfill E Liquids?

When using short fill E Liquids, most people prefer to add a nicotine shot. We offer several different nicotine shot options for every one we stock. All of our shots are unflavoured, ready to use 10ml bottles.

  • Nicotine free shots: This is simply a mix of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Adding a nicotine free shot to your E Liquid shortfill gives you the full bottle size, while maintaining the 0mg strength.
  • 9mg nicotine shots – 9mg shots are half of the strength of a regular shot. This allows people to not have to measure half shots. One 9mg shot in a 50ml shortfill E Liquid gives you 1.5mg vape juice.
  • 18mg nicotine shot – this is the standard that most people use. One 18mg shot in a 50ml shortfill gives you 3mg vape juice.
  • 20mg nicotine salt shot – for people who prefer nicotine salts. One 20mg nic salt shot in a 50ml shortfill gives you 3.33mg vape juice.

You don’t have to use shots with shortfills, but it does give you the correct flavour concentration. Bottles are over flavoured to compensate for the addition of the shots.

What mix ratio are shortfill vapes?

Short fill E Liquids are generally higher in Vegetable Glycerin content. The standard mix ratio is 70VG 30PG, however some brands can differ from this. We offer 50VG in our MTL shortfill range. We offer mix ratios all the way from 40VG 60PG all the way up to 95VG 5PG.

Higher VG mixes are most suited for sub-ohm kits. Higher PG mixes are better for all in one devices, pod kits and vape pens.

What is the best 100ml shortfill ELiquid?

There are a wide selection of different 100ml shortfills available on the market right now.

Each brand has their own take on a flavour, but we’ve broken it down from the best we’ve found for each flavour profile.

  • Fruit flavours: Doozy Vape Co Seriously Fruity. This premium juice has a full range of fruit fancies.
  • Dessert flavours: Formulated Vape Co. 6 delicious dessert flavours for people with a sweet tooth.
  • Ice flavours: Yeti. This abominable brand pairs fruits with a blast of arctic ice.
  • Sweets and Candy flavours: Sweet Spot. This range based around retro sweets certainly hits the spot.

For even more, read our Best E Liquid Flavour article.

Where can I buy large bottles of vape juice?

The best way to save money on cheap short fill E Liquid is to buy in bulk. We offer all of our exclusive Coil Star and Breaking Brew E Liquids in 1000ml shortfill form. Thats right – a full litre of juice! Our Prepper Stash is custom made to order, so you can make your own custom vape juice. Add cooling to any flavour, sweetener or add a flavour boost.

Where can I find sweetener free shortfills?

We know that some people prefer their E Liquid to have a low (or zero) sweetener content. That is the reason we developed our sweetener free vape juice lines – Coil Star and Breaking Brew. These juices do not contain any sugar or sweeteners. They are also budget friendly short fill E Liquid manufactured in the UK. Not only will your wallet love them, your coils will too.

Where can I buy short fill E-Liquids?

We have our full range of shortfill e-juice available online and we offer free UK shipping on all orders over £20. You can get next day delivery with our DPD Local option.

Or come and visit our store in person. One of our friendly team can help you pick out a new flavour, or recommend something different for you.