Coil Star

Coil Star Sugar Free Vape Juice

Are you looking for a great tasting sugar free vape juice? Your in the right place. All of our Coil Star products are an unsweetened vape juice. This gives you a great tasting, coil friendly e juice that won’t gunk up your coils like some other premium E Liquid brands.

Coil Star Black Ice MTL E Liquid
Blackberry, Menthol
Coil Star Black Ice One Shot
Blackberry, Menthol
Coil Star Black Ice Short Shot
Blackberry, Menthol
Coil Star Blueberry Ice One Shot
Blueberry, Menthol
Coil Star Candy Pack
5 Pack E Liquid
Coil Star Cherry Cola One Shot
Cola, Cherry
Coil Star Cherry Menthol One Shot
Cherry, Menthol
Coil Star Cookie Dough One Shot
Cookie, Vanilla
Coil Star Cushty Mango One Shot
Mango, Soda

What Is Coil Star

Coil Star is our UK made E Liquid range. We designed the range to provide a premium e juice without sweetener. The same great flavour as some other brands, but without the coil destroying element.

Is Vape Juice Sugar Free

Most vape juice contains some sweetener. This is not only a cheap component of E Liquid, but can hide poor flavours. Sweetener is used to make flavours pop a little more. Coil Star is a sugar free vape juice designed to give you the great flavour without the sweetener. The first time you try sugar free vapes, it may taste a little flat. Don’t worry, this is just your taste buds getting used to it.

There are a couple of sucralose free vape juice brands in the UK, and we produce several different options. Check out Breaking Brew and Goldfish Sauce for more no sugar vape flavours.

Can Vape Juice Raise Blood Sugar

The first thing you may look at raising blood sugar in E Liquid would be sweetener. This would actually be incorrect. Nicotine is the element that raised blood sugar in vape juice (and traditional cigarettes). This was found in a study back in 2011. However, the effect E Liquid had was small (8% raise) compared to traditional tobacco products (34.5%). You can read more about the study at Every Day Health.

What’s The Safest Vape Juice UK

E liquid is made from three elements – flavourings, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. All e juice contains these components. By not adding any additives, our Coil Star range is an e juice without sweetener. This means a cleaner vape by not having anything that doesn’t need to be there.

What Sweetener Is In Vape Juice

The most commonly used sweetener in vape juice is sucralose. This is an artificial sugar substitute that can be found in a large number of applications. Splenda, a popular coffee sweetener is made from sucralose. It’s a highly stable compound designed for use at elevated temperatures. This is one of the reasons it is commonly used in vape juice.

Coil Star was designed from the ground up as a vape juice without artificial sweetener.

We know that some people do not like the taste of sucralose, which is why we created our unsweetened vape juice.

Why Do My Coils Keep Getting Gunked Up

When you are vaporising your E Liquid, the sucralose component can leave behind a residue. This brown gunk that you see on your coil is un-vaporised sweetener. When using a sub-ohm coil, there is no way to remove this and will cause your coil reach the end of its lifespan. When coils get gunked up, you will notice a lack of flavour and need more power to get the vape you want.

When picking a vape juice with no sweetener, this build up won’t exist. Coil Star vape juice isn’t just the best vape juice without sweetener – your coils will last longer too. This makes vaping cheaper as vape coils are the second biggest maintenance expense (behind E Liquid).

Will Sweetener Free E Liquid Taste Different To Other E Liquid

Most people don’t notice a little bit of sweetener in their vape juice. Most premium E Liquids use it to add a little pop to flavours. Some brands rely on it more than others.

When switching to a vape without sweetener, flavours can taste a little weak for a couple of days. This is while your body is adjusting to the lack of sucralose. After a couple of days, you’ll be able to taste the same great flavour without the additives. When using sugar free vapes for a couple of weeks you’ll notice how packed full of sugar some premium juice is.

Where Can I Buy Vape Juice With No Sweetener

All of our sweetener free vape juice options can be found online or in our Middlesbrough vape shop. Place your order online and choose free UK shipping for all orders over £20.

If you prefer to shop in person, we stock them in store. Speak to one of our team to learn more about the benefits of picking premium e juice without sweetener.