Bar Series

Bar Series E-Liquid

Bar Series is a range of disposable inspired E Liquids. Available in both nicotine salts and shortfill E liquids, meaning there’s an option for pod kits, subohm kits and MTL devices.

Featuring such favourites as Blue Razz Lemonade, Kiwi Passion Guava and Energy Ice, this range also brings something new to the table with the unique Bar Series Blends options. These blends feature delicious pairings of two existing flavours to bring a unique flavour creation such as Green Apple x Cherry Fizz or Watermelon x Energy Ice.

Bar Series Blackcurrant Ice
Blackcurrant, Ice
Bar Series Blends Blue Sour Razz X Lemon Lime
Citrus, Blueberry, Raspberry
Bar Series Blends Blueberry Ice X Mango Ice
Mango, Blueberry, Ice
Bar Series Blends Cherry Fizz X Cola Ice
Cherry, Cola, Ice
Bar Series Blends Green Apple x Cherry Fizz
Cherry, Apple, Soda
Bar Series Blends Watermelon X Energy Ice
Watermelon, Energy Drink, Ice

Bar Series are a hugely popular UK made range cheap pod vape flavors. This range of e liquids is available in over 20 different flavours featuring a wide range of options for all the different flavour profiles and offer both nicotine salts and shortfill vape juice.

Who makes Bar Series E-Liquids

Bar Series is manufactured in the UK by Major Flavour. The entire range is inspired by all of the popular disposable vape flavours such as Elf Bar and Lost Mary flavours.

What strength are Bar Series E-Liquids

Bar Series E-Liquids are available in a number of different styles.

All Bar Series nicotine salts are available in 20mg, 10mg and 5mg options.

All Bar Series Shortfill e liquids are nicotine free, but can be used with nicotine shots to have a final strength of 1.5mg or 3mg.

Can you get nicotine free Bar Series

Nicotine free Bar Series shortfills are available. All of the shortfills are nicotine free and can be used with one or more nicotine shots to add up to 3mg if you prefer your e liquid to contain nicotine.

What are the most popular flavours

The most popular cheap pod vape flavour are:

  • Banana Ice – a delicious natural banana flavour with a cooling ice finish.
  • Grape – a sweet and crisp grape flavour.
  • Cotton Candy – a sweet candyfloss style eliquid, perfect for days at the funfair.

The most popular Bar Series shortfills are:

  • Apple Peach – an exciting mix of tart apple and juicy peach.
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry – the most popular disposable vape flavour in shortfill form.
  • Cola Ice – the delicious soda drink, served chilled over ice.

What device works best with Bar Series?

Bar Series nicotine salts are designed to be used with pod kits and will give you the best experience used this way. When used in some devices (such as the Geekvape Sonder Q), you will get one of the closest disposable vape experiences without the large costs.

Bar Series shortfill e liquids are designed to be used with sub-ohm kits (such as the VooPoo H80). The coils for these devices have larger wicking ports, allowing the thicker juice to be absorbed into the coil without creating dry hits.

What ratio is Bar Series E Liquid?

All of the nicotine salts are made up of 50% vegetable glycerin, 50% propylene glycol. This makes the liquid the perfect viscosity for pod kits and mouth to lung style devices.

Each bottle of Bar Series shortfill is 70% vegetable glycerin, 30% propylene glycol. This thicker e liquid produces more vapour and is best used with higher powered devices.

Where can I find cheap Bar Series?

Bar Series nicotine salts are one of the best budget friendly brands of nicotine salts available, starting at only £3.49 for a bottle of cheap pod vape liquid. Not only are they exceptionally good value, they also pack a huge amount of flavour in each bottle. We also offer multibuy discounts on all of our bar style nic salts.

For people looking for cheap shortfill vapes, a 100ml shortfill starts at only £9.99

Do you offer any multi-buy Bar Series discounts?

All of our Bar Series salts are available as part of our 3 for £10 Bar Salt deal.

Grab any 3 bottles of our Bar Salt style nicotine salts from all of the big brands (such as Bar Juice 5000, Elux, Elf Bar, I VG and more) for only £10.

Where can I buy Bar Series e-liquids?

We offer our huge selection of Bar Series in our Middlesbrough Vape store.

We offer free shipping on all UK orders over £20 and if you want next day nicotine salts, we offer next working day delivery with our DPD shipping options.

Is Bar Series more environmentally friendly than disposables?

While we understand the appeal in how easy disposable vapes are to use, there is a huge amount of waste in every device.

Each bottle of Bar Series is fully recyclable. The nicotine salts come in a cardboard box which can be recycled with the plastic bottle (once empty). The shortfills only come in a plastic bottle, which can be recycled fully too (again, once empty). Plus buying cheap pod vape juice is much more cost effective.

How many puffs is each Bar Juice nic salt?

While nicotine salts are not measured in the number of puffs, each 10ml bottle is equivalent to around 5 disposable vapes. This means each bottle of Bar Juice nic salts should last you around 5000 puffs.