Battery Chargers

Take a look at our wide selection and grab a battery charger for vape batteries.

One of the most important parts of maintaining your vape device is using a vape battery charger.

Vape battery chargers come in a variety of different sizes and battery options from 18650, 20700 and all the way up to 21700 vape battery charger UK.

We only stock the best vape battery chargers to make sure your devices are getting the care that they need to keep going strong for months to come.

How do I charge vape batteries?

We always recommend charging vape batteries outside of your device, as this will generally give your batteries a longer life span. Vape battery chargers have inbuilt circuits that give a more consistent charging experience and allow your batteries to stay in a healthier condition for longer.

Most devices do offer onboard charging, however we would recommend only using this as a last resort as the quality of the onboard charging can differ between device and manufacturer.

When you are recycling your vape batteries, we recommend wrapping both the positive and negative end with a small amount of electrical tape. This will prevent any accidental shorting that may occur. These can then be deposited in local battery recycling facilities as found in most supermarkets, but please check before hand.

What size batteries can I charge?

Most vape battery chargers allow you to charge a large amount of vape battery sizes.

It is worth checking in your charger specification what size batteries you can use, but most chargers on the market at the moment offer 18650 charging, 20700 charging and also allow you to use them as a 21700 battery charger UK.

Can I buy a portable vape battery charger?

Yes, all vape battery chargers are highly portable as they just require a plug socket for you to charge your vape batteries.

Some chargers (such as the Hohm School vape battery charger) use USB-C power cables, so you can use the same charger you use on most newer android phones to charge your vape batteries.

Where can I buy a vape charger?

We stock a large selection of vape rechargeable battery chargers in our Middlesbrough store, but also have our full selection available on our website.

You can get fast and free shipping on any vape battery charger orders over £20 with our Royal Mail 48 shipping options. If you are in a hurry, we also offer vape battery charger with next day delivery using our UPS Next Day Delivery option at checkout.