Mouth To Lung Kits

Mouth To Lung Vape Kits

Find our large range of Mouth to Lung vape kits available to buy online. MTL vape kits are starter kits that have reduced airflow. Their purpose is to replicate a cigarette style draw from the device.

Compatible with high nicotine E Liquids or Nicotine Salt E Liquids. Browse our selection of MTL devices.

Aspire Tigon Kit
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Mouth To Lung AIO Pen
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Mouth To Lung Kit
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Mouth To Lung Vape Pen
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MTL & DL Pod Kit
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Mouth To Lung Vape Pen

Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vape Kits

Mouth to lung vape kits are one of the most popular devices to use. These types of kits are what most beginners start with. Offering a cigarette-like experience, with a tight inhale.

Most brands offer MTL vapes, as they are compatible with nicotine salts. Brands include Aspire, Innokin, Dotmod and more.

Many mouth to lung vapes are durable and made from high quality materials. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes. There’s also the MTL stick. These are pen shaped devices, a classic style of e cig.

Most of these e cigs have adjustable airflow. This allows you to restrict the airflow and obtain a tight draw from the tank.

What Is Mouth To Lung Vaping?

It is a style of vaping. Airflow is more restricted, providing a tight inhale. This is close to the experience of smoking.

To vape Mouth to Lung, inhale the vapour into your mouth and then into the lungs. The same as if you were smoking. It is common to use a higher nicotine strength E Liquids when MTL vaping. Because of these points, it is best for smokers and new vapers.

Another advantage is battery life. The lower wattage consumes less battery, so unlike subohm kits, you don’t need to carry around extra batteries.

What Is Mouth To Lung E Liquid?

They are thinner liquid, with a higher nicotine content. 50VG 50PG blend E Liquids are the most common.

MTL Tanks use higher resistance coils with smaller wicking holes. Meaning they require a less viscous E Liquid to work.

MTL vapes are lower wattage and use higher nicotine e juices. This provides the closest feeling to smoking traditional tobacco. We suggest using nic salts with these kits for the best experience.

What Is The Best MTL Vape Kit?

There’s a large selection available, with many unique features.

Some of the best mouth to lung vapes are:

All our kits come with a six-month warranty and are genuine, guaranteed.

MTL Pod Devices

Another type of MTL device is a Pod Kit.

Pod kits have a refillable pod. These pods can be filled with salt E Liquids. Once the coil inside gives a bad taste, replace it with a replacement pod.

Pod devices are the most popular way to vape Mouth to Lung.

Buy MTL Vape Kits Online

All the devices we stock include safety features. From child-resistant designs to overcharge protection. You can be confident that the kit you are purchasing is safe. Check the product description for full details.

The majority of these contain an internal battery. Due to this, you will not have to remove the battery to recharge.

The idea of a Mouth to Lung kit is to be efficient and easy to use. This means they are an excellent choice for beginners or current smokers.

You can buy your kit in our online vape shop. We offer a choice of delivery options, including DPD and Royal Mail.

Orders over £15 are eligible for free Royal Mail 48 UK delivery.

We offer a selection of devices in our Middlesbrough shop, if you would prefer to shop in person.