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Find our massive range of E Liquid concentrates available to buy in our online vape shop.

Flavour concentrates come in hundreds of different flavours and can help you achieve your perfect flavour creation. If you can imagine it, there is probably a flavour concentrate for that.

Flavour concentrates are not as simple as one shot concentrates or short shots. However you do gain flexibility on creating your own flavours. The possibilities are simply endless!

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Showing 1–12 of 587 results

What Are E Liquid Flavour Concentrates?

Vape flavourings are the component that creates the taste of a vape juice. They are a food grade blend chemicals and solvent. The solvent used is usually Propylene Glycol. Some products use Vegetable Glycerin or Ethyl Alcohol, but this is less common. Outside of vaping, these flavourings are used in the food and beverage industry.

Flavour concentrates can be used to craft a unique flavour. They can also add an extra something to an existing flavour.

It is also worth noting that sometimes they are oil based flavours. We ensure that none of the flavourings we carry contain oil.

Do You Offer E Liquid Flavour Concentrates in Bulk?

We offer a number of different sizes of vape flavourings. Most brands are available in 10ml, 30ml and 100ml. If you are looking for larger sizes, please contact us with required quantities.

What Ingredients Do They Contain?

E cig flavour concentrates usually contain 2 main components – flavouring and a base. Flavours can be artificial or natural. All the none flavour components for each flavour are listed on our product pages. This allows you to know exactly what you are using.

What Is The Difference Between A Flavour Concentrate And One Shots?

A one shot concentrate is a blend of flavour concentrates. This means you can DIY without worrying about how flavours blend.

Flavour concentrates allow you a larger amount of control on your vape flavours. You can customise them to be exactly how you want. This allows you to create your own unique blend from the ground up.

What Percentage Do I Mix At?

Most vape flavourings can be mixed between 10% and 20%, but this can vary by manufacturer. We list the recommended percentages on each product page. Some flavours may be as low as 1%, with some being up to 20%.

We provide percentages for using a flavour on its own, or as part of a mix. Using it on its own will allow you to create a simple E Liquid, as an alternative to one shots. A more complicated mix could include a multitude of different flavours for a delicious vape experience.

Are Vape Flavourings PG or VG Based?

Nearly all vape flavour concentrates are PG (propylene glycol) based. This is due to how well the compounds blend with each other. We mention the base compound on all of our E Liquid flavour concentrates at the bottom of their product page.

Can I Vape Them As They Come?

They need to be diluted before they can be vaped. In order to vape them, mix with Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol base. We offer a number of different base options, including our Premixed PG VG base. This allows you to focus on the mixing.

For a full guide on how to make your own e liquid flavour, check out our mixing guide.

What Are The Best Brands?

There are a number of leading brands. We offer all the best DIY E Juice brands including The Perfumers Apprentices, Flavor West, Capella, Inawera and more. We offer over 500 different flavours, so get mixing!

What Are The Most Popular Flavour Concentrates?

  • Capella Vanilla Custard v1 is the most popular dessert flavour. This is great on its own, or as part of a delicious custard dessert.
  • Flavor West Extreme Ice is the most popular menthol. This is a chilling blast of ice that can be used to add some cool to any fruit flavour.
  • Inawera Wild Strawberry is a great fruit option. This is a wild and natural Strawberry with no artificial after-taste.
  • Capella Super Sweet is the most popular enhancer. This can be used to add a sweet touch to any DIY mix.
  • For Tobacco fans, Flavor West Vanilla Tobacco is the popular choice. This brings a smokey and smooth vanilla to an authentic tobacco concentrate.

Is DIY E Liquid Cheaper Than Buying Vape Juice?

Yes, making your own vape juice can be cheaper than buying premium E Liquid.

  • 100ml of strawberry vape juice would cost £9.90.
  • 100ml of DIY strawberry flavouring (using TFA and Vegetable Glycerin) costs £4.48 (not including bottle).

That’s a saving of £5.42. The larger batch you make, the larger the savings could be.

Where Can I Buy E Liquid Flavour Concentrates In The UK?

Buy flavour concentrates online in the UK at Vapour Depot. If you’re in the North East, you can use our click and collect vape service and pickup in our Middlesbrough vape shop.

When placing an order over £20, we offer fast and free UK shipping. We also offer cheap international shipping.