Refillable Disposables

Refillable disposables are the next step up from closed pod systems to pod kits and are a great way to vape while being more conscious of what you are throwing away.

With these refill disposable vapes, you can pick which e liquid you are using which gives you a wider range of options (for both flavour and strength) to allow you to customise your vaping journey without delving too deep into the devices that require a higher level of maintenance.

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Showing all 4 results

What are refillable disposable vapes?

Refillable disposable vapes are exactly what the name suggests – disposable style vapes that are designed to be refilled.

Each device can be refilled several times, extending the life of the disposable exponentially compared to the standard one use versions.

How long will my refillable disposable vape kit last?

Most refillable disposable vape kits last around 5000 puffs (equivalent to 10ml of nicotine salt e liquid or 5 standard disposable vapes).

While this may differ depending on which e liquid you are using and how you vape, we’ve found that this equates to an average of around 5 days of vaping. These devices are not limited by the amount of e liquid or when the battery dies as they can be refilled and recharged as needed.

Can you recharge refillable disposables?

With a large amount of options, these rechargeable and refillable disposable vapes can be recharged so you can make sure that you have more than enough battery life to get through the lifespan of the vape coil.

What are the benefits?

Rechargeable and refillable disposable vapes are not only kinder to the environment, but they are far more budget friendly too.

Each device can be refilled multiple times, extending the amount of use you can get before you need to replace it with a new one. The only limitation in rechargeable disposable vapes is the coil life – once the coil has past it’s best the device needs to be replaced.

How much does a refillable disposable cost?

Disposable vapes you can refill are not as expensive as you might think! While you do need to purchase your own e liquid to use in these devices, you can pick up a refillable disposable vape from as little as £6.99. These devices last much longer than standard disposable due to the refilling options which make them great value for money.

What e liquid should i use?

We would recommend using 50VG 50PG nicotine salt e liquid in any disposable vape you can refill. This is the same e liquid that comes in disposable vape devices, and with brands like Elfliq and Elux producing their own nicotine salts you can get exactly the same experience as their disposable vapes.

How do I charge my rechargeable disposable?

Rechargeable disposable vapes can be charged like all other vape pod kits – simply use a USB cable to connect them to a computer or power strip and charge away.

These devices often feature fast charging, so can go back to a full battery in no time at all, however be away that the packages usually do not contain a charging cable.