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Vape Tanks are the section of your device that hold the coil and e liquid. These provide the atomisation which creates vapour. Tanks can be found in several different types – Rebuildable for those who prefer greater control, Sub Ohm Tanks for those who prefer the ease of using replacement coils and Mouth to Lung Tanks for people looking for a “tighter” cigarette like draw. We stock only the best vape tanks uk so you can be sure you are getting a great product.

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Showing all 5 results

What is the top vape tank UK?

Vapour Depot carries a vast array of high-quality tanks, clearomisers and atomisers for every type of vaper. Whether you are beginning your vaping journey and looking to switch from smoking cigarettes to experiencing a mouth to lung hit or you are a hobby vaper wanting to build your own, we have the right vape tanks for you.

We bring to you some of the biggest brands including Dovpo, Hellvape, Horizontech and many more. Some of the tanks focus on delivering flavours whilst others specialise in producing amazing plumes of vapour.

Some of the tanks are simply user-friendly. Whatever your preference, our online store is the go-to place to get the perfect tank for an unforgettable vaping experience.

What is the difference between a sub-ohm vape tank UK and a rebuildable tank?

  • A sub-ohm vape tank is a tank that allows you to use replacement coils. These generally screw or press into the bottom of your vape tank and other than filling your vape tank with juice, there is no more maintenance that needs to be done.
  • A rebuildable tank is a vape tank that allows you to build your own coils to create a personalised vape experience and get the best from your atomiser tank.

Some sub-ohm vape tank UK have a rebuildable coil head available so you can turn your sub-ohm vape tank UK into a rebuildable vape tank.

Your Search for Mouth to Lung Tanks Ends Here

At Vapour Depot, we offer some of the best mouth to lung tanks to give you a cigarette-like experience. MTL tanks are great for beginners and also experienced vapers who enjoy a tighter draw, better throat hit and higher nicotine levels.

MTL mouth to lung vape tanks are generally a low wattage vape tank with a high resistance replacement coil which allows you to use a higher nicotine strength.

Where can I get top vape tanks UK?

Shop our amazing selection of competitively priced subohm vape tanks that are designed specifically for creating better flavour, giving you a smooth vaping experience and increase the production of vapour. Our collection of cutting-edge subohm tanks include Aspire, Innokin, Uwell and more.

With the most extensive and best range of vape tanks in the market, we have everything that you need to transition to vaping or upgrade your vape kit.

Where can I get next day delivery vape tanks UK?

We offer next day delivery vape tanks UK with our UPS next day delivery option.

Where can I buy free delivery vape tank?

If you spend over £20 on your vape tank, we offer fast and free delivery to anywhere in the UK. We also ship internationally!