E Liquid Short Shots

Find our huge range of e liquid short shots available to buy online.

Short Shorts are similar to one shot concentrates, but are offered in a 250ml bottle and contain exactly the right amount of flavouring for 250ml of finished eliquid. When using a Short Shot, you simply need to add nicotine shots (if required) then top up the bottle with your chosen PG / VG or premixed DIY base and shake. This is the cheapest way to get our fantastic shortfill eliquids in larger sizes without going down the full DIY route.

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Showing 1–12 of 50 results

E Liquid Short Shots UK

Short shots are e-liquid flavour concentrates that come in large volumes of 250ml. They contain the flavourings and empty space for mixers to create their desired blends with ease. Short Shot users have the option of adding VG/PG and nicotine shots based on their preferences. We provide a vast selection of options with interesting flavour profiles that combine several ingredients. Users can find a wide variety of 250ml bottle products with up to 50ml of concentrate e-liquid flavouring. Adding in your desired materials to the pre-measured bottle can help you get a strong and flavourful vaping experience. The long shelf life of short shots also make them the preferred choice of vapers across the UK.

E Liquid Bottle Shots UK

Vapers purchasing short shots have the option of selecting whether they want added nicotine shots ranging from 1.5mg to 6mg. We also offer you the choice of adding VG and PG to your short shot before ordering. With a recommended steep time of 7 days, these shots are suitable for flavoured vaping lovers around the world. Explore options from leading brands like Coil Star on our website and add some exciting flavours to your vape kits.

We offer short shots at some of the best rates in the UK with fast and free delivery for order values upwards of £20.