Vaptio Beco Bars

Vaptio Beco Bars are a lightweight, portable and extremely compact cheap disposable vape pod, designed to give you one of the simplest ways to vape. Featuring 1.3ml of Nicotine Salt E Liquid (enough to give you around 250 – 300 puffs) and with no refilling or charging, it can’t get any easier then this.

Beco Bar 2 Energy Drink
500 Puff Disposable Vape
Original price was: £3.79.Current price is: £1.49.
Beco Bar 2 Lush Ice
500 Puff Disposable Vape
Original price was: £3.79.Current price is: £1.49.
Beco Bar 2 Mango Ice
500 Puff Disposable Vape
Original price was: £3.79.Current price is: £1.49.

Buy Vaptio Beco Bars Online UK

The Beco Beco Bar is the smallest and most lightweight puff bar that we stock. A tiny little device that requires no maintenance. It’s the true pick up and vape disposable vape bar, similar in weight to a pen.
The device is a pre-filled vape containing nicotine salt E Liquid in a 20mg nicotine strength, lasting for approximately 300 puffs. The Vaptio bar contains no buttons, simply just inhale on the device to activate. The device will continue to work until the battery is depleted, at which point you simply dispose of the device responsibly.
The Vaptio Beco Bar 300 is available in 11 popular flavours and the newly released Vaptio Beco Mate bar is available in 10 flavours currently.
The Mate vape is a larger version of the Beco Bar. Still with the same key features, the Mate disposable vape lasts for up to 550 puffs, with a trade off in size and weight. The Mate however is still no large vape device, measuring only slightly thicker and larger than its 300 puff bother.

Are Puff Bars Safe?

All puff bar vapes are generally made of the same parts in the same way and are much like refillable devices, the key difference being that the puff bars have a fixed, non refillable tank. This tank is filled with standard, nicotine salt e liquid, with the same ingredients you would find in an off the shelf 10ml nicotine salt e liquid. For a puff bar vape to be sold on the UK market, it must have gone through the TPD / TRPR notification process. This means that a manufacturer must adhere to the strict guidelines set out in these regulations and only use E Liquids which confirm to the strict standards set by EU law. However, please be aware of the number of illegal and counterfeit puffs bars being sold, ensure when you buy puffs bars online in the UK you select a retailer that is trustworthy and can provide a guarantee that your puff bar vapes are genuine, like ourselves.

Where to buy Puff Bar?

You can buy all the latest Vaptio Puff Bars online in the UK at Vapour Depot. We stock all the latest Beco Bar & Vaptio Beco Mate flavours and offer a next day delivery option when choosing UPS. Alternatively you can visit us in our store where you can buy puff bars in Middlesbrough.