RIOT E-Liquid are back with the new RIOT BAR EDTN nicotine salts. These juices replicate their favourite disposable flavours. They are nic salts that bring you a cost-effective disposable alternative. Or for those using nicotine salts, a great tasting E Liquid.

RIOT Bar Edition salts are 10ml bottles that contain salt nicotine blends. They are smoother than traditional freebase E Liquids and act faster. Absorbing into the body to satisfy nicotine cravings. The flavour is strong, and they vape smooth, just like a salt should be.

RIOT Squad E-Liquid

RIOT Bar Salts are flavour packed, containing more flavouring compared to standard nic salts.

RIOT’s motto is ‘ditch the disposables’, which we couldn’t put any better. Switching to E Liquids from disposable vapes will save both money and the environment. With 25 flavours to choose from, they make it easy to switch.

By picking RIOT nic salts over disposable vapes, you can save £1536 per year. Based on the average vaper consuming 1 disposable per day. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that this is a huge saving!

Is RIOT E-Liquid the right juice for me?

They are ideal if you are a new vaper who is trying to quit smoking. Or if you are someone who is trying to switch from expensive disposables. In fact, as long as you have a suitable kit they will work for you. A suitable kit would be a pod kit or Mouth to Lung kit. A kit that would not be suitable would be a subohm kit. We would advise against using nicotine salts if you are a subohm vaper.

These double flavoured nicotine salts pack the same punch as disposables. They are a viable alternative at a fraction of the cost. As they work with your own vape device, you will produce much less waste. So it’s a win for the environment, not just your pocket.

What is the best kit to use with RIOT nicotine salts?

Pod kits are the best choice, and they can give you a disposable style experience. There’re many options available but for the perfect pairing we’ve selected the following:

How many disposables is each bottle the same as?

Each bottle of Bar Edition salts equals around five 600 puff disposables. So for less than the price of one device you get five times the puffs.

How many puffs are BAR EDTN salts?

Each bottle contains 10ml of nicotine salt E Liquid, which is around 3000 puffs. It depends on what kit you are using and long your puff is.

What flavours are available in RIOT salts?

There are 25 flavours available in the range. All flavours come in both 10 mg and 20 mg options to suit different vapers.

What are the top 5 RIOT flavours?

The range not only brings great value, but a diverse range of flavours. There’s a lot to chose from but our top 5 picks for the best flavours are:

  • Peach Ice Tea: which is a delicious take on the popular drink.
  • Sour Cherry Apple: is a tangy mix of tart and sour.
  • Mango Vanilla Ice Cream: a creamy dessert pairing, a unique flavour.
  • Apple & Blackcurrant: a British classic summer flavour.
  • Banana Kiwi: a tropical fruit flavour with a banana twist.

Do you have any multibuy offers?

All BAR EDTN nicotine salts are part of our Bar Salts 3 for £10 multibuy deal. Pick any 3 flavours from our massive Bar Salt selection for only £10. You can even mix and match with our flavours of Bar Salt.

Do you offer next day shipping?

You can grab next working day delivery using the DPD Next Day option. We offer free delivery by Royal Mail 48 on orders over £20.

Are nicotine salts better for the environment than disposables?

Each week, a massive number of disposables end up in the waste. Disposable vapes waste plastic, alongside a lithium battery. With each bottle of 10ml nicotine salt, you can recycle everything. Once the bottle empty, rinse it and include it with your plastic recycling. Not only are you going to save money ditching the disposables, but you will be kinder to the environment. Anything we can do to reduce waste is a win, so make the switch.