21700 Batteries

21700 Batteries

Find our wide range of 21700 vape batteries available to buy online.

Most sub ohm kits, some pod kits and all in one kits and all mech mods need a battery and one of the more popular sizes is 21700. These are the biggest standard battery size that most manufacturers offer, and typically have the largest capacity to keep you vaping for longer. 21700 refers to a battery that is 21mm in diameter, 70mm tall and round (which is the 0). These batteries are used in a majority of vape kits and can easily be replaced when they are flat.

21700 Battery UK

21700 vape batteries are some of the most powerful vaping device components available today. These offer capacities of more than 4.000mAh and come with a maximum discharge rate of 30A. We offer a selection of genuine 21700 batteries from manufacturers such as Molicel. These top cap flat batteries offer a maximum voltage of 4.2V and nominal voltage of 3.6V for delivering strong and long lasting vaping experiences. Batteries featured on our website offer precise performance and are tested for safety. They are compatible with most popularly used vape kits and vape mods. Vapers should be aware of the varying maximum continuous discharge rates of 21700 batteries to make the right choice.

Best 21700 Battery UK

We stock authentic 21700 vape batteries from leading manufacturers for vapers across the UK. These are suitable for heavy vapers and those who desire an intense rush of e-liquid flavour without worrying about battery life. 21700 rechargeable batteries featured on our website can power up your vaping experiences and produce consistent all-day performance.

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