20700 Batteries

20700 Batteries

Find our wide range of 20700 vape batteries available to buy online.

Most sub ohm kits, some pod kits and all in one kits and all mechanical vape mods need a battery and one of the more popular sizes is 20700. These batteries are slightly larger than 18650 batteries but fit in most kits that use a 21700 (please check the product first to confirm this). 20700 refers to a battery that is 20mm in diameter, 70mm tall and round (which is the 0). These batteries are used in a majority of vape kits and can easily be replaced when they are flat.

20700 Vape Battery UK

Vapour Depot features assorted 20700 rated vaping device batteries suitable for uninterrupted and high-performance vaping. These are high power output devices that fuel intense vaping sessions for users who want stronger hits. Vape kits powered by 20700 batteries give you optimal experiences and help you make the most of your e-liquids. We offer genuine 20700 vape batteries with up to 3000mAh (3Ah) capacity and having a maximum continuous discharge of 30A. Batteries featured on our website are available in specifications of 3.6V/3.7V nominal voltage and a fully charged voltage of 4.2V.

Best 20700 Battery UK

20700 batteries are designed for advanced vapers who desire enhanced performance with minimum hassle. These go beyond the already impressive 18650 battery options available to vapers across the UK. Larger capacity translates to longer vaping durations and better shelf life for your devices. Users who rely on these high power output batteries are free from any concern of running out of power. A 20700 battery can be the right choice if you enjoy vaping throughout the day and desire strong e-liquid hits.

Vapour Depot provides 20700 vape batteries from several leading brands including Molicel. You can get free and fast delivery across all parts of the UK for bulk orders.