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One of the most important part of vaping is making sure you have some vape liquid. We stock a huge range of eliquid in plenty of different sizes, flavour profiles and strengths. From premium vape liquid products, to some end of line vape liquid sale items, our selection allows you to buy your vape juice online in the UK.

We offer shortfill e liquid, nicotine salts and more. Buy e Liquid online at Vapour Depot.

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What e liquid flavours are available?

E liquid comes in an absolutely huge array of e liquid flavours. We help our customers by sorting all of our vape liquid by flavour profile. We have options for vapers who like Desserts & Cream, Drinks, Fruits, Menthol & Ice, Nuts & Spice, Sweets or just a great classic Tobacco vape juice.

What is a shortfill e liquid?

Shortfill e liquid is a term that was popularised after the introduction of the TPD. The regulations state that a juice can only contain nicotine if the bottle is 10ml, and it cannot be more than 20mg nicotine in strength. While this is great, there are a large number of people who use subohm vape kits that go through more than 10ml of juice per day and don’t like all the waste that is generated.

A shortfill e liquid is generally a 50ml vape liquid or a 100ml e liquid in a larger bottle (50ml in a 60ml bottle, 100ml in a 120ml bottle). This allows the vaper to add a single 18mg nicotine shot to their 50ml vape liquid or two 18mg nicotine shots to their 100ml vape liquid. This would create a final strength of 3mg (the most popular strength for e liquid UK).

The shortfill e liquid is not covered under the TPD size regulations as when it is sold, it doesn’t contain any nicotine. The 18mg nicotine shot would be covered, but as it is only 10ml in size this is a TPD registered product.

Where can I find the best vape juice online?

Our UK vape store has a huge selection of vape juice (with over 900 different options available).

You can buy vape juice from massive e liquid brands such as Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape, Anarchist and more.

We offer MTL vape juice, shortfill e liquids, 10ml TPD vape juice and a massive selection in-between so you can find the best vape fluid to suit your taste.

Where can I buy cheap vape juice?

Not only do we offer a huge selection of cheap vape juice, you can find a wide range of options in our vape liquid sale.

If you are looking for some great tasting cheap vape juice, we have exclusive options such as Coil Star, Breaking Brew and Slice. These are exclusive to Vapour Depot and our customers think they are one of the best e liquid brands that we offer.

Where can I get my e liquid online?

When shopping online for your vape liquids, we offer several different shipping options. If you are looking for fast and free e liquid shipping, we offer free 48 hour shipping on all orders over £20 (within the UK).

For those in a hurry, we offer next day e liquid delivery when using the UPS next day delivery option at checkout.

We ship e liquid international delivery too. Please check that vape liquid is allowed to be imported into your country and then choose from our selection of international vape liquid delivery options and grab some of your favourites (or some new vape juice that you want to try).

What are the best vape juices?

There is no such thing as the best vape juices, each e liquid flavour you choose is down to your own personal preference.

We think that Coil Star Rainbow Candy is one of the best candy flavours, but you may prefer Coil Star Strawberry Chewers.

Our team love Mums Home Baked Bakewell Tart, but you might not be a fan and enjoy something such as Anarchist White.

There is no right or wrong flavour to vape, just pick what vape juice flavours match your preferred vape juice flavour profile or throw a random bottle into your bag to try something completely new.

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine Salts are a new style of vape juice that contain a higher strength nicotine but are still smoother than freebase nicotine vape liquids. The Salt Nicotine is a compound designed to give you less throat hit, but allow you to get the full effects of the higher strength of nicotine in your vape juice.

These Nicotine Salt vape juices are perfect to use in All In One devices, Pod Systems and MTL tanks.

What is freebase nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is the standard form and most common type of nicotine found in most products such cigarettes, nicotine inhalers and gum. Freebase nicotine vapour juices are known for having a better and more noticeable throat hit compared to salt nicotine vapor liquid, which is why most newer vapers and Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape users prefer freebase nicotine used in eliquids.

What E-Liquid should I pick?

What eliquid you should pick is entirely up to you. There are several different factors to take into account, such as what type of device you are using. If you are using an RDA, we would never recommend using an 18mg freebase nicotine eliquid however this is completely personal preference. While certain eliquids and nicotine strengths are designed to be used with certain types of device (i.e. 20mg nicotine salts are generally used with Pod Vape Kits, while 50ml shortfills are generally used with sub-ohm tanks), most eliquids will work with any device but you may not get the best results for your vape.

What E-Liquid is best for a mouth to lung kit?

Mouth to Lung (or MTL) vaping is a general term for a more cigarette style draw rather than a direct lung hit. Devices are generally low power kits, using coils above 1.0 ohm and using higher nicotine strengths. When picking eliquid for a Mouth to Lung kit we would recommend using a juice that is a 50VG 50PG ratio, as this offers the best wicking opportunity for coils. There are a huge number of smoking flavours available in 50/50 eliquids and most are available in several strengths for people to have more choice.

What E-Liquid is best for sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-Ohm vaping is a more Direct to Lung style of vaping, rather then the cigarette style draw of a Mouth To Lung vape. Sub-Ohm vape kits usually offer higher wattages and get the name from using coils below 1.0 ohm. When picking eliquid for your sub ohm kit, we would recommend shortfill e-liquids as they offer better value for money then TPD regulated 10mls as higher wattage vapes go through eliquid at a quicker rate.

Shortfill eliquids are generally high VG e-liquid and come with the option to add nicotine shots. We wouldn’t recommend using nicotine salt eliquids for sub-ohm vape kits as the more popular nicotine strengths for this style of vaping are nicotine free, 3mg or 6mg compared to the usual 10mg or 20mg nicotine salts available.

What E-Liquid is best for a refillable pod kit?

Pod kits are seeing a huge wave of popularity but do require a specific eliquid to get the best out of the device. Pod kits are generally designed for a mouth to lung vaping experience, so we would recommend high PG e-liquids compared to shortfill eliquids.

While you can get sub ohm pod kits (any kit with a coil below 1.0 ohm), we would still recommend using high PG e-liquids to help the coils absorb the e-liquid better. Most people who use pod kits prefer a higher strength due to the lower power nature of the device, so we would recommend either nicotine salts in your preferred 10mg or 20mg, or 50VG 50PG freebase e-liquids if you wanted a more pronounced throat hit.

What nicotine strength should I choose?

What nicotine strength you choose is dependant on a huge range of things: what device you use, your preferred style of vaping and (for the people who are just quitting smoking) how many cigarettes you smoke a day.

For newer vapers, Mouth to Lung vapers or people who use pod kits, we would recommend using higher strength e-liquid such as 18mg e liquid in a 50VG 50PG ratio (or for a smoother vape, a 20mg e liquid using nicotine salt). For people who are looking to lower their nicotine intake or are using a sub ohm vape kit, we would recommend lower strength e-liquids which can normally be found as shortfill eliquids.

Does E-Liquid Contain Oil?

E Liquid is referred to by many names. E juice, vape juice, vape oils are just a few of the more common phrases customers use to refer to E liquid. It’s worth noting that properly manufactured vape E Liquids from reputable brands do not contain oil in the e Juice at all, this is due to the potential of oil causing harm to the lungs.

Vapour Depot only stock genuine American e Juice & European E Liquid brands and you can be assured that these quality vape juices do not contain oils or nasties.

Need help picking E-Liquid?

If you need help picking your first eliquid, or just want some suggestions why not contact one of our friendly team using our contact us page and we will recommend e liquid for you.

We offer several different flavour profiles and have a fully featured flavour picker so you can filter by juices with flavours that you fancy.

Alternatively, leave the hard work to us and try one of our Juice Boxes – simply tell us any juice that you’ve previously enjoyed and what flavours you’d like to explore and we will pick our favourite flavours and ship them to you!