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Mouth to lung e liquid is the name given to eliquid that has a higher PG ratio than the standard shortfill eliquid. While shortfill eliquids are usually 70VG or higher, Mouth to Lung eliquid is available in a higher PG ratio (with most around 50VG 50PG) to aid absorption into coils in Pod Kids, Mouth to lung kits and All in one kits. The higher PG content provides a stronger throat hit compared to the more VG heavy eliquids.

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MTL E Liquid UK

Mouth to lung or MTL vaping has quickly become one of the most widely preferred options for users in the UK. We sell MTL E Liquid to vapers across all parts of the UK at affordable prices to facilitate optimal vaping experiences. On our website you can find mouth to lung e-liquid options from brands such as IVG, Coil Star, Breaking Brew, Lucha Juice, Millennials, Slice and Goldfish Sauce. We offer a large selection of mouth to lung vaping liquids to suit the varying needs of vapers across the UK. Vapers have the option of selecting e-liquids by sorting products by bottle size, flavour profile, nicotine strength, sweetness level and mix ratio.

Mouth to Lung E Liquid

A clear advantage of using an MTL tank is that it makes a single cell mod more usable. Users can expect higher battery life due to the efficiency and low power consumption required. Mouth to lung vaping is less intrusive to those in your environment. Since you are consuming it within your mouth, it goes directly to your lungs. As a result, people close to you will not be affected by your vape cloud. Users of mouth to lung vape kits and tanks are able to build coils on their own. This is a convenient feature for advanced vapers who enjoy a certain level of convenience and flexibility.

Vapour Depot offers a vast array of mouth to lung vaping options for delivery across the UK, with options for international shipping available.