Understanding The UK Disposable Vape Ban

In a significant move aimed at curbing youth vaping (and environmental concerns) the UK has recently taken steps towards implementing a ban on disposable vape devices. This decision marks a pivotal moment in the further regulation of vaping products and reflects a broader effort to address the growing concerns surrounding vaping among young people and […]

Top 10 Best RTA Vape Tanks Of 2022 In The UK

Top 10 Best RTA Vape Tanks Of 2023 In The UK

How do you find the Best RTA Vape Tanks when the vaping world is growing bigger and better with every passing day. Manufacturers seem to be introducing different types of devices, accessories and flavours constantly. With countless vape tanks in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one amongst them. When trying to […]

Top 10 2023 banner 01

Top 10 Best Pod Vape Kits Of 2024 In The UK

Vape Pod Kits had a major increase in popularity last year. Some of the best pod vape devices are hitting the shelves. Those that were using disposables are looking for more cost-effective alternatives, with the best rechargeable vapes. Add to that the looming disposable vape ban, now is a great time to switch to the […]

Top 10 Best E Liquid Flavours To Try In 2023

Top 10 Best E Liquid Flavours To Try In 2024

The vaping boom of the past years brought many new vape flavours. And with it, a lot of new E Liquid brands. Some great and of course some not so great. But there’s plenty of amazing brands with some of the best vape juices out there. We’ve taken a look at some of the best […]

Are Disposable Vapes Getting Banned In the UK?

There is no doubt that disposable vapes are popular. There’s no denying that they can be effective for people trying to quit smoking. But there have been calls for a disposable vape ban. There has been discussion for banning vapes which we’ve taken a further look at. See what is under consideration as part of […]

10 Best Nicotine Salts E Liquid Brands You Must Buy Right Now

10 Best Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Brands You Must Buy Right Now

Looking for the best salt nice juice and don’t know where to start? Well first we need to explain what salt nic vapes are. Nicotine Salts are an alternative way of using nicotine in E Liquid. By creating a compound using other elements, such as benzoic acid, the alkaline content is higher. This leads to […]

Best Disposable Vape Kits To Buy In 2023 1

Best Disposable Vape Kits To Buy In 2024

There’s a huge number of people in the UK who are trying to quit smoking. Many turn to vaping to aid their chances of quitting for good. Finding the Best Disposable Vape Kits is imperative to making that journey as easy as possible. With the vast array of vape kits on the market, picking the […]

What Is The Best Strawberry E Liquid To Buy?

Strawberry E Liquids are one of the most popular flavours to vape, whether you’re a new vapour or you’ve been vaping since the dawn of time, chances are you’ve tried a strawberry flavour. Popular for their juiciness and sweetness, they are a staple of the vaping industry. There’s plain strawberry flavours and more complex blends […]

5 Best DIY E Juice Flavour Companies of 2022

5 Best DIY E Juice Flavour Companies of 2024

With the rising prices we are all paying, from petrol to the weekly food shop, more people are turning to making their own e liquid to reduce their outgoings. And it’s really pretty simple to do, but if you’re just starting out it’s worth having a read over our ‘Make Your Own Vape Juice‘ guide. […]

Dry Hit Vape Guide to Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping e1603819337447

Guide to Avoid Dry Hit When Vaping

By now, we all know that dreaded feeling – going to hit your vape and tasting nothing but the flames of hell, no flavour and a throat hit that is full of nothing but pain to go along with a nicely ruined coil – that is what a dry hit vape feels like! Thankfully, by […]


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