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Find our selection of vape batteries available to buy online.

All vape kits without an internal battery require a vape battery. These can come in all shapes and sizes. We stock a range of 18650 batteries, along with 20700 and 21700 sizes. Most vape devices are either single 18650 or dual battery mods. Take a look at our selection of vape batteries and battery chargers.

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Vape Batteries UK

To get the best from your device, you need premium batteries. Just like a tank or E Liquid, a high quality battery is best. If your device is performing badly, your battery is a good place to look first. Ensure you are practising battery safety by replacing your batteries occasionally.

We stock battery chargers too. This ensures your batteries stay in better condition for longer.

What Are Vape Batteries?

There are many lithium batteries on the market. Just because they are the correct size doesn’t mean they will work in your vape. Some battery cells are designed to be power tools only. Some are designed for 18650 torches. You should only use batteries designed for use in vaping.

What Size Batteries Can I Buy?

Vape batteries come in a wide range of sizes, but the most common in 18650.

All kits will show you what size batteries you require. You can find kits that use 20700, 21700 or the larger 26650 vape cells.

What Size Are Vape Batteries?

A vape battery size is explained in the number. Here is an example with an 18650 vape battery. The first two numbers are the diameter (18mm). The last three numbers are the height (65.0mm). Unlike popular belief, the 0 does not mean cylindrical. It is part of the height.

What Is The Best Battery For Vaping?

There is no such thing as one overall best battery for vaping. Each cell has its own properties that should match what you are looking for. You can find a vape battery with a higher capacity. You can also find them with higher amp rating.

Capacity is measured in mAh – milliamp hours. This is a measurement of power over time. A 3000mAh battery could consume 300mAh for 10 hours, or 30mAh for 100 hours.

Amp rating is measured in discharge rating. This is the highest amp load the battery is safely rated for. You can check how to calculate your amp rating with our ohms law explained article. The maximum amp load should not be exceeded as this is unsafe.

Higher capacity is better for someone who vapes at a lower wattage.

Higher amp rating is better for someone who likes to push their device higher.

When Do I Need To Replace Vape Batteries?

Just like the battery on your mobile phone, your vaping batteries will wear out over time. With each full charge, you will lose a small amount of capacity. While it is not noticeable between charges, this will make a difference over time.

An average lithium-ion battery loses around 0.048% capacity each charge. Over a standard 300-500 cycle lifespan, your battery will have:

  • 95.4% of its new
    inal capacity at 100 cycles.
  • 90.9% of its new
    inal capacity at 200 cycles.
  • 86.6% of its new
    inal capacity at 300 cycles.
  • 82.5% of its new
    inal capacity at 400 cycles.
  • 78.7% of its new
    inal capacity at 500 cycles.

To maintain your vape mod, we recommend replacing your vape mod batteries every 300-500 cycles (or 18 months). The biggest indication to replace your cells is when you have poor battery life.

If the wrap on your batteries is damaged, we also recommend replacing either the wrap or the cell. This can easily cause a short to happen and cause damage to your device (or worse).

Why Should I Choose Rechargeable Vape Batteries?

When you charge your vape batteries, you can vape with your device charging at the same time. You can also choose an external battery charger. This allows you to charge several cells so you to keep backups.

Buying a rechargeable e cig battery allows you to keep using the same device. With internal batteries, once the battery has a lower health you need to replace the device. Rather than replacing your full device, just purchase some new vape cells for your replacement battery mod.

Check out our selection for the best assortment of vape batteries in the UK for all devices. We only stock authentic e-cig batteries, so you can be sure you are getting the safest cells for your device.