18650 Batteries

18650 Batteries

Find our wide range of 18650 vape batteries available to buy online.

18650 batteries are generally used in higher powered vape mods, subohm kits and in some of the more advanced pod kits, providing you with an an easy to replace option for when the internal battery has reached the end of its serviceable life (or you want an easy way to get more power while you are on the go).

Hohm Work 18650 Batteries
2547mAh, 25a, 2 Pack

What is a 18650 battery UK?

18650 batteries are the power source to all of the advanced vaping devices on the market.

Vape kits can be broken down into their individual parts: the tank (or atomiser), the vape mod and the most important part – the 18650 batteries to power the device.

18650 vape battery can be replaced when they are flat (so you can always have a fresh source of power available without waiting for USB charging). You can also extend the life of any 18650 battery vape as they don’t utilise an internal battery that degrades over time – when your 18650 vape batteries no longer hold enough charge to get you through the day, you can simply purchase a new set and rejuvenate your 18650 battery vape device.

How long can I use the same vape batteries?

An 18650 vape battery’s life is determined by the number of cycles it has been through and how hard the battery has been pushed.

Generally, we would advise to replace your 18650 batteries every 18-24 months (or after 400-500 cycles) as this is when they start and lose charge capacity.

You should never use an 18650 that has been damaged, or shows signs of physical wear and tear as this could be extremely dangerous.

What size is an 18650 battery?

All vape batteries have their size dictated by the name of the battery.

  • The first two digits are the battery diameter.
  • The second two digits are the overall length of the battery.
  • The final digit designates the shape of the battery.

Using this, you can work out that an 18650 vape battery is 18mm diameter, 65mm length and round (0).

What is the best 18650 battery for vaping?

Despite what you may read online, there is no single best 18650 battery for vaping – it depends on how you are using your vape device.

The two important numbers to look at when purchasing an 18650 vape battery are the amp rating and the capacity.

If a battery is 25A 2500mah, this means you can draw up to 25 amps and have a power capacity of 2500 milliamp hours.

The amp draw of your device can be calculated by using ohms law (or one of the many handy vape ohms law calculators online). This isn’t as important when using vape mods that contain protection chips inside of them, this was more for when people were using mechanical vape mods and did not have any inbuilt protection.

Where to buy 18650 battery UK?

We keep stock of 18650 vape batteries in our Middlesbrough store, so if you are in the local area and you need a new pair in a hurry we have you covered.

If you are looking to buy 18650 batteries UK online, we also offer fast and free delivery when selecting Royal Mail 48 at checkout for all orders over £20.

For anyone waiting 18650 vape battery next day delivery, we also offer this at checkout when selecting our UPS Next Day Delivery service at checkout.