The Flavor Apprentice

The Flavor Apprentice is one of the largest and most popular flavour concentrate brands available on the market.

Also known as The Perfumers Apprentice due to the other use for some of their products, TPA flavours offer some of the best DIY vape flavours. We stock a huge range of options from the wide range of TFA flavours to give you the most choice possible.

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Showing 1–12 of 163 results

Who Is The Flavor Apprentice?

The Flavour Apprentice is an American brand of vape concentrates, created by The Perfumers Apprentice (or TPA for short). They are known mainly as TFA flavors. Founded in 2004 in Santa Cruz, TFA quickly gained popularity by 2009 due to their knowledge and expertise in the fragrance industry. They applied their skills and created flavour apprentice concentrates that have been predominantly used in vaping.

What Are The Most Popular Flavor Apprentice Flavours?

There are a huge range of Flavour Apprentice concentrates available, totalling over 200 different options.

  • For Tobacco fans, TFA RY4 Double is the most popular with a tasty caramel, vanilla and tobacco blend.
  • Dessert fans love TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. This chilled dessert treat is great on its own or as part of a cream based recipe.
  • Fruit lovers can’t get enough of TFA Strawberry. This natural tasting strawberry adds a delicious berry element to any mix.
  • For cereal vapers, no recipe is complete without TFA Fruit Circles. This american style fruit flavoured loop is as iconic as it is tasty.

What Percentage Should I Mix TPA Vape Flavours At?

Each of the Flavor Apprentice concentrates mixing percentages is slightly different.

As a general rule of thumb we recommend starting between 5 – 15% and adjusting from there. We do provide full mixing percentage recommendations for each concentrate on our products pages to help you out with mixing.

The only way to work out your preferred percentages is to get mixing. Remember – you can always add more flavour but you can’t take any away.

Do I Need To Dilute TFA Flavour Concentrates?

All DIY vape concentrates need to be diluted before vaping. These are concentrated flavours (hence the name flavour concentrates) and are not suitable for vaping straight away. You may cause yourself health issues and damage your device.

Mix your concentrates with Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol or our Premixed DIY Vape base before use and create your own custom vape flavour.

What Are TFA Concentrates Used For?

While the Flavor Apprentice are known for vape concentrates, this isn’t the only use for their flavourings. Each flavour can be used for several different purposes.

As the company is also known as the Perfume Apprentice, the fragrance industry are another of their largest customer bases. These flavours can be used to mix a unique fragrance or create soaps and candles.

The Flavor Apprentice aroma options can also be used to create food products. These are suitable for use in foods, drinks, cakes and more. Most E Liquid flavours from vape concentrate brands were initially created to be used in the food industry as an artificial flavour additive. This is why they work so well across a number of different applications.

If you are wanting to know more about the Flavors Apprentice concentrates and their other uses, check the Flavor Apprentice website for full usage information.

Where Can I Buy Perfumers Apprentice Vape Flavours?

Our full range of TFA vape concentrates is available on our website. You can get free UK shipping on all orders over £15. Upgrade to faster shipping with our DPD courier option. We also offer affordable international shipping on all of our vape flavour orders.

If you’d prefer to shop in store, we also offer concentrates in our Middlesbrough vape store. Choose the concentrates you’d like online and use our click and collect option. One of our team will let you know when your order is ready for collection and you can pick them up and get mixing quicker.

Do You Sell The Flavors Apprentice Bulk

We can offer bulk sizes of TFA flavours. Please contact one of our team with a list of sizes that you require and we will provide you with prices.