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Nicotine Salt E Liquids are generally a higher strength than shortfill E Liquids. They produce a smoother throat hit than traditional freebase. Nic salts are available in a wide range of flavours and in 10mg and 20mg strengths. These E Liquids are perfect to use in MTL Kits & Pod devices. They are also perfect for those requiring a higher strength.

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What is nicotine salt e juice?

Today, vapers have a world of options to choose from. Not only can they pick from a range of devices, but nicotine delivery methods. Nicotine salt is a preferred choice of many people. This is due to the low throat hit and faster absorption rate.

We offer a wide range of nicotine salts in the UK from all leading brands. This includes ElfLiq, Doozy Vape, RIOT and more. You can sort our options by flavour profile, sweetness, strength and mix ratio.

Due to the growth in popularity of disposable vapes, the demand for nic salt E Liquid is increasing. As a result, manufacturers are stepping up to create more and more enticing and exciting flavours. These nic salts are widely used across the UK today.

What is salt nicotine?

It is a compound created from traditional freebase nicotine. When combined with specific additives, nicotine salt is created. The compounds used can vary between manufacturers, but the most popular is benzoic acid. This is mixed with the nicotine at around a 3:4 ratio and creates nic salt.

What are the benefits?

Nicotine salt has a number of specific benefits. It creates a far smoother vape experience so a higher nicotine level can be used. It also has a quicker absorption rate. This allows nicotine to enter your system quicker to provide the satisfaction. Finally, the higher concentration of nicotine allows you to use less nicotine salt E-Liquid.

Why should I use nicotine salt E Liquid?

Nicotine salt E Liquids are perfect for people quitting smoking, or looking to ditch the disposables. These high nicotine strength liquids are packed with flavour and work perfectly with the latest pod kits. With a smooth throat hit while still being high nic strength juices, they pack a punch. The nicotine is absorbed quickly, giving you the hit you are looking for.

Nic salts are also great for vaping on the go. Most devices they are used with are relatively low wattage, so don’t use a lot of battery power. They are also discreet as no large vape clouds happen.

Where can I buy cheap nicotine salts ELiquids?

We always have great prices and there’s plenty of cheap nicotine salts to find. Take a look at our sale section. We also offer 3 for £10 on some of the most popular ranges like Bar Juice and ElfLiq. We are sure you’ll find some great cheap nic salts with us.

What are the best nic salt brands UK?

There are a number of nic salts UK brands available, and a large selection of international brands too.

The most popular brands are:

  • Bar Juice – a range of over 30 flavours that perfectly replicate disposable vape flavours.
  • ElfLiq – the E Liquid range from the makers of Elf Bars. The same great flavour in refillable form.
  • RIOT – an award winning UK brand that are serious about creating great flavours.
  • Vampire Vape – this brand gained a following with their Heisenberg flavour, but have a number of other great options.

This is just a small look at some of the brands we stock. Take a further look and discover your new favourite salt nic vape flavour. If you need some ideas, take a look at our best nicotine salts article.

What strengths can I buy?

Most brands offer two different strengths.

20mg is the standard strength that all brands offer. This is the highest nicotine level allowed under the TPD regulations. 20mg is perfect for the heavy smoker, or someone coming from disposables.

10mg is becoming a standard lower strength for nicotine salt brands. This is half of the 20mg strength and is great for a lighter smoker or someone looking to cut down.

There are brands that offer 5mg, but this is only a small selection at the moment.

What is the difference between shortfill and nic salts?

Nicotine salts have a higher level of nicotine content, and a more PG heavy mix ratio. Most salt nic brands are 50VG 50PG. This allows smaller coils to absorb the e liquid easier, and not lead to dry hits. This also allows for discreet vaping.

Shortfill E Liquids are higher in Vegetable Glycerin content. This allows them to produce more vapour. Due to the higher viscosity of the juice, this isn’t suitable for most pod kits. Shortfills are generally used with sub-ohm kits where the strength is lower. Most are only available in strengths up to 6mg, although we do offer 10mg shortfills in our Bar Fill range.

Read our difference between freebase and salt nicotine article for more information.

Can I use nicotine salt shots with shortfills?

Nicotine salt shots have been created to allow people to experience the smoothness at lower nicotine levels. They can be used with any nic shot compatible shortfill by replacing your standard nic shots with salt nic shots.

Where can I buy nicotine salt ELiquids

We always have a large range in our online vape store. We offer free shipping over £20 on all of our nic salts in the UK. You can upgrade for faster delivery using our DPD option. We have everything from premium to budget friendly cheap nicotine salts from all the best brands.

For those who prefer to purchase in person, come and visit our Middlesbrough vape store. One of our team will be happy to help you find your new favourite salt based nicotine E Liquid. You can either pick your products in store, or use our click and collect option if you are a little short on time.

If you are not in the local area, we have all of our products ready for you to order nic salts online.