DIY E Liquid

If you are looking to make some DIY vape juice UK, Vapour Depot have you covered.

We have a huge selection of DIY e liquid supplies to make whatever DIY vape juice you are wanting to make.

Check out our large selection of flavour concentrates, bottles, base mix and more. We stock all the best concentrate bands from the likes of Capella, TFA, Inawera and more.

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Showing 1–12 of 667 results

Where is the best place to buy DIY e liquid supplies?

At Vapour Depot, we only stock the best DIY e liquid supplies so you can be sure that you are buying the best to make your DIY ejuice.

All of our products are direct from the manufacturer so you can be sure you are receiving authentic DIY ejuice supplies.

Where can I buy mix your own e liquid supplies?

We don’t just stock DIY flavour concentrates, we have a wide range of DIY e liquid supplies UK to help in your DIY vape juice journey. We stock pipettes to help you get your DIY e liquid recipes accurate, we have empty 60ml and 120ml bottles for you to prepare your DIY vape juice uk in and we offer a wide range of e liquid bases (such as our DIY premixed base) so you don’t have to do all the hard work.

Where can I buy nicotine shots UK?

We offer a selection of both freebase nicotine shots and nic salt shots for DIY vape juice UK creation. When buying our 18mg nicotine shots, we offer a bundle deal so the more you buy, the cheaper DIY vape juice you can make!

What do I need to make DIY vape juice UK?

We don’t offer a DIY vape juice kit, but it is extremely easy to make your own e liquid with our DIY e juice supplies.

Firstly, you need to pick a flavour concentrate that sounds appealing. Each of our flavour concentrate product pages has full mixing percentage recommendations so you can get the best from each DIY flavour concentrate.

Once you have this, you need a DIY vape base. We would recommend our DIY premixed base).

Finally, if you wish to have nicotine in your DIY eliquid you will need to purchase one or more nicotine shots.

Add your flavour concentrate at the correct percentage to an empty e liquid bottle, add your nicotine shot(s) and top up to the required level. Simply shake and enjoy.

Do I need to steep DIY vape juice?

All e liquid requires some steeping time. This is allowing time for the flavours to develop and create a better DIY ejuice experience.

For fruit flavours, we recommend allowing them to steep for around 1 week before vaping your DIY e liquid UK.

For dessert flavours, the longer the better! We recommend at least two weeks steeping but if you can leave your DIY vape juice for over 4 weeks that will be an even better vape.

Where can I buy DIY vape juice supplies?

All of our fantastic DIY vape juice products are available on our website and in our Middlesbrough store using our click and collect option. For click and collect orders, these orders may take up to 1 working day to be available for collection.

You can purchase all of our DIY vape juice supplies and receive fast and free uk shipping for orders over £20.

How can I take my DIY e juice to the next level?

If you are looking for something to add the little extra “something” do your DIY vape juice, why not take a look at our flavour enhancers.

With options such as sour, sweetener, citric acid, menthol and more, each of these enhancers only requires a tiny amount to be added to your DIY vape juice mix to create something even more special.