Do e Cigarettes Affect Your Sex Life The Truth Is Out

Do e Cigarettes Affect Your Sex Life? The Truth Is Out!

Have you ever watched an old movie and found a couple smoking after sex? Many people do this in real life too. It’s just like having the leftovers of a delicious pizza for breakfast. You know it’s not good for your health, but you do it anyway.

In this article we are going to look at some of the most popular questions and help you get answers to such things as:

  • Does vaping affect you sexually?
  • Does vaping cause premature ejaculation?
  • Does vaping reduce your sex drive?

We hope that we can shed some light on this topic and help you choose the healthier option.

Why Do People Smoke After Sex?

A study was conducted where participants (who were regular smokers) where asked about their smoking habits after sex.

On average, 80% of the participants said they crave nicotine after sex. Over 50% said they find it the perfect time to light a cigarette,

The researchers found that most of the smokers had a reason to smoke after sex – some found it relaxing, some found it to be a perfect moment of reflection and some said if gave them more of a buzz session after sex provides them with a moment where they take the time to have a few minutes to themselves to reflect on what just happened.

How Does Smoking Affect Sexual Health?

Smoking cigarettes put human body on increased risks of contracting several dangerous diseases. In the recent times, several studies were conducted to know how traditional cigarette affects sexual health.

A healthy reproductive system requires good blood circulation, while nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes contract blood vessels and cause reduced blood flow inside the body which can cause issues with your sexual health.

If you have poor blood circulation from traditional tobacco cigarettes and the high amount of nicotine that they contain, you may experience a reduction in erectile capacity.

What Issues Can Smoking Cause On My Sexual Health?

Smoking has been found to cause a large number of health issues and several extremely seriously diseases, but it’s not just your general health that is at risk – its your sexual health too!

The most common side effects to smoking and sexual health are:

  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Reduced erectile capacity
  • Reduced blood flow to genitals
  • Early menopause, menstrual irregularities and pregnancy complications
  • Lost stamina

Can Traditional Cigarettes Be Replaced With e Cigarettes?

Given all of the research into vaping, we can safely conclude that vaping is a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. It doesn’t cause the dangerous diseases associated with smoking (and not to mention the cost saving!).

The big question is, can vaping replace traditional cigarettes and become an appropriate smoking option for a health sex life, and does it have the power to gratify the nicotine need after sex?

By switching to the healthier smoking alternative, you will not experience the issues associated with traditional cigarettes.

There are many strengths and flavours of nicotine e liquid along side a multitude of different devices that you can purchase to make sure your journey to quitting smoking and better sexual health is as easy as possible.

Vaping And Sex: What Does Science Say?

Researches are working to understand if there are any links between vaping and sexual health, but the results look very good for the vapers!

Research suggests that vaping e cigarettes are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes, and some even goes as far to say that vaping can lead to a health sex life.

Some studies have found that when people switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping, they noticed an increased desire for sexual activities.

How Does Vaping Boost Your Sex Life?

The studies favouring vaping over traditional cigarettes for a boosted sexual health highlighted some benefits that participants experienced after switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping. Here’s how vaping can improve sex life:

  1. Improved Stamina – traditional cigarettes decrease your aerobic abilities (and this is where your stamina comes from).
  2. Unlike cigarettes, vaping products don’t contain all of the harmful chemicals which reduce the amount of oxygen in your flood. By not smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, your body removes these chemicals from your bloodstream which can increase your performance.
  3. Improved Physical Sensations – People who stopped smoking and switched to vaping found that they had increased physical sensations and taste (due to the lack of blood flow restricting chemicals). The participants in these studies found their foods tastier than ever, and they didn’t smell like an old ash tray with made their partners more sexually interested in them.
  4. Increased Energy – a high amount of nicotine in tobacco makes a smoker feel overly tired. This happens because of the impact nicotine has on the lungs and heart. Vaping doesn’t bring these negative effects due to the overall lower amount of nicotine in the devices. By switching to vaping, former smokers found they felt energised throughout their day.

Is Vaping After Sex Really A Thing?

If the previously mentioned studies are to be believed, vaping isn’t just an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes – it’s a lifestyle change.

It is just as satisfying as traditional tobacco products, cheaper and you don’t feel all the negative effects associated with smoking. Not only that, but you will smell so much better!

Why not give vaping a change with one of our popular disposable vape devices for the ultimate fuss free alternative to smoking? If you are already a vaper, congratulations on choosing the healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products. We still have a huge selection of the latest vape kits and e liquids for you to choose from.

What’s Your Take?

If you are a smoker and struggling with your sexual health, today is the perfect time to switch to vaping. Not only will it save you money and help you live a healthier life, it may fix any health related sex life issues you may have.

If you are currently a vaper, you must have noticed some of the great effects that the switch has had with your sexual health!

Happy vaping.

This article was new inal published in May 2018 and has been updated with newer information on 09/02/2022.


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