Menthol Cigarettes Banned. What Are My Options

Menthol Cigarettes Banned: What Are My Options?

From Wednesday 20th May 2020, Menthol Cigarettes and Rolling Tobacco will be banned throughout the UK in a bid to deter young people from taking up smoking. 

The ban stems from the TPD laws, which removes the option for any cigarette or tobacco product with a “characterising flavour” other than tobacco in an effort to make smoking look like a less attractive option to people either currently smoking or doing it in a social setting. 

As a menthol smoker what are my options? 

By far the best option would be to take this as a sign to quit smoking, and try moving to the less harmful tobacco alternative that is vaping. 

While we do have our own set of regulations from the TPD, these are not as restrictive as the flavour ban on traditional tobacco products. 

Isn’t vaping as harmful as smoking?

No! The UK national health service is actively promoting vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. We wrote a blog article about it here – Click Me

What do I need to get started?

The first thing you will need is a device. Devices come in many different shapes and sizes, but the best starter devices would be something easy to use and may replicate the smoking sensation. 

Innokin endura apex kit grey
Innokin Apex Kit

The Innokin T20S is one of the most popular kits on the market in recent times. 

With no fiddling about dialing in various settings, this device is a simple one button operation that delivers the nicotine hit that you need when you need it. 

If you would prefer something a little smaller, a pod system may be the way to go. 

The Smok Nord is a very popular “pod” style device which is again a one button operation. 

Fill with your favourite juice and you are ready to go!

What eliquid do I need?

You can use most eliquids in starter devices, its simply down to flavours!

You may see some different terms used, such as nicotine salts. Read our rundown on what salts are here – Click Me

Elux Legend Salts Menthol
Element Frost Nicotine Salt E Liquid

If you are reading this blog article, we are going to take a guess you are one of the people affected by the Menthol Tobacco ban. 

Our first choice would be Simplicity Menthol – This is a straightforward menthol flavour with nothing else – just Menthol to give you the cold hit you need. 

If you prefer a little tobacco flavour with your menthol, we also offer Simplicity Menthol Tobacco – a mix of a classic tobacco cigarette flavour with the added menthol touch. 

You can get hundreds of flavours with menthol, you simply need to decide what sounds good to you! 

I need some help deciding what I want

If you need a hand picking out your first kit, get in touch with one of our team using the contact us page and we’ll give you a hand to get started on your vaping journey!


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