Everything You Need For DIY Coil Building

Whether it’s E Liquid or a vape kit, the ability to customise them to your preferences and personalisation is a fantastic advantage, offering you more control over your vaping experience. To embark on this journey, it’s essential to ensure you have the necessary tools and equipment for a do-it-yourself setup.

Let us guide you in acquiring the right DIY vape supplies, so you can confidently embark on building your personalised vape experience.

Let’s delve into the coil-building process. Vapers often choose to build their coils for two primary reasons: to achieve substantial clouds and robust flavours while also optimising battery consumption and potentially saving money. Below, you’ll find a list of essential tools for building your vape coil:

  1. Vape Tank (Rebuildable Atomiser):
    The RDA serves as the heating element in your vape setup, responsible for heating your vape juice and producing vapour. Many reputable companies offer exceptional RDA atomisers.
  2. Kanthal Wire:
    Your starting point is a spool of A1 grade Kanthal wire. This wire will allow you to craft around 25-30 standard coils. Well-known names for standard vape wire suitable for rebuildable atomisers and coil building include Kidney Puncher Kanthal A-1, GeekVape Nichrome N80, and Anarchist Competition Wire.
  3. Set of Wire Cutters:
    An essential tool is a quality set of wire cutters, designed to trim the wire for your coil with precision. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a set of pliers and tweezers at your disposal. We recommend the Vpdam Wire Cutters, an excellent snipper tool for constructing all your rebuildable atomizer coils. It can also serve as a versatile household snip cutter.
  4. Tweezers and Pliers:
    Tweezers are the third-most frequently used tools in the DIY vape supplies arsenal. They aid in pinching and tightening your coil onto the decks of your RBA. Two main types of tweezers are curved tweezers, ideal for “floating” the coil into the right position, and straight tweezers, excellent for adding vape wick material.
  5. Small Propane Torch:
    A reliable small torch is always a handy tool to have.
  6. Small Screwdriver:
    This common tool is useful for wrapping the wire tightly to create your coils. It can also be used to adjust and position posts. While a standard screwdriver can suffice, a Coil Jig is a more convenient and recommended tool for wrapping single wires, parallel wires, and advanced coils.


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