Essential Tips Prevent Your Vape Tank From Leaking

We’ve all experienced the frustration of discovering that your expensive vape juice has leaked from the tank. It’s particularly irritating when trying out a new vape juice. E-liquids can be a significant investment, especially at vape shops in the UK, and it’s crucial to keep them secure for long-term use.

Fortunately, several vaping hacks can help safeguard your vape tank from e-liquid leaks. Here are some of the most effective tips to prevent tank leaks:

Fill your tank carefully:

One of the most crucial preventative steps is filling your tank with care. Take your time and pay close attention while filling your vape tank. Accidentally squirting e-juice into the tank’s chimney, even in small amounts, can lead to leaks. Therefore, be mindful when filling your tank.

Check o-rings and tank seals:

Ensure that all seals on your tank are properly tightened and aligned. Don’t overlook inspecting the tank’s exterior and O-rings for damage. A failed o-ring can cause your juice to leak from a seal.

Clean the tank:

Cleaning your vape tank is an excellent way to protect it from leaks. When all else fails, thoroughly wash and dry your tank to remove any residue or e-juice buildup in the juice chamber or air intake that may lead to leaks.

Store your tank vertically:

Some tanks are not designed to remain horizontal for extended periods. For such vape tanks, keep your vaping kit in a vertical position when not in use. Also, when charging your device overnight, remember to remove the tank from the vape mod and store it upright.

Check for cracks:

Regularly inspect your tank for cracks or any signs of damage. If you notice a cracked glass, you can easily replace the tube, which is a cost-effective and straightforward solution. Any bent metal or slight crack in the glass compromises the tank’s airtightness. Always ensure that your vaping equipment and tank are free from any cracks for safe and prolonged use.

Use appropriate juice viscosity:

Verify the PG/VG ratio on your e-juice label. Coil heads that require higher power levels are more prone to leaking with e-juices containing less than 70% VG. Therefore, when using coil heads that demand more power, make sure your e-juice has at least 70% VG content.

By following these effective tips, you can safeguard your vape tank from leaks. If you’re in search of a high-quality vape shop in the UK, consider choosing Vapour Depot.


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