Dry Hit Vape: Guide to Avoid Dry Hits when Vaping

To every vaper out there, I know. I know the dreadful feeling of getting a dry hit vape. That feeling of inhaling fumes from no place other than hell and feeling it absorb in your lungs and the sensation of burning in your throat. Not only that, it also ruins your coil head for several vapes to come.

No matter how fun vaping is, a dry hit will cause you to doubt the very instrument of salvation in your hands. So how do we stop dry hits from spoiling the blissful experience of vaping? First, we need to know what causes it.

While in a normal condition, a tank full of juice is absorbed by the wick and the rest rests around the atomizer to be vaporized. In certain circumstances, the tank stops being refuelled with the liquid and once when out of all the liquid to vaporize, vaporizes the wick itself.

In a general sense, dry hits are caused when there isn’t enough liquid in your wicking material for vaping and your coil as if in revenge, burns the wick instead of the flavor causing you to flinch the second you realise what’s coming.

While the cause for the dry hit vape is the same, there are several reasons why you wick doesn’t get enough liquid to vaporize and several of these are mentioned below.

  • If the first thing you see after getting a dry hit is that your tank is full, it’s usually due to poor priming. The next step would be to prime your coil better the next time you install a new coil which isn’t a difficult task. The easiest way is to drip some e liquid on either side of your wick until it looks saturated. Once it does, the priming is complete and you are good to go.
  • The next reason would be your habit of taking chain hits. Taking recurring hits of your vape can cause the wick to dry up fast while not absorbing enough to keep it saturated. Hence the next hit that comes in after the wick dries would be a dry hit.
  • Another reason for your vape to give you dry hit would be the temperature. The devices which came into the market until recently can handle the high wattage. While those on the other hand which have been around for a while seems to have a low wattage tolerance. This can also ruin your coil fairly quickly and you would be searching for new vape wire and wicks pretty soon too.
  • Your VG to PG ratio can cause the same too. A higher ratio of VG would mean a higher concentration level due to which the wick would take a while to absorb the e-liquid between the draws. Hence if you take a hit while it’s being absorbed by the liquid, you get a dry hit vape.

Learn more about the nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio in detail here at Vaping e liquids

  • Finally a burnt coil constantly give you a dry hit. If you notice the slightly burnt taste linger in subsequent hits and your throat can’t take the taste of burnt juice and cotton any longer, the coil has given in and it’s time for you to get a new one.
  • If the hits aren’t dry but you can taste a burning flavor in each hit it does mean the coil is dead. Usually, a coil has a life of around 1-3 weeks. How long it lives for is for you and your vaping habits to decide.

So from the above we learned to:

  • Keep the tank fueled and never let level of juice reach below that of wick.
  • Coils are to be primed when you first receive them.
  • Notice your wattage and airflow.
  • Make sure chain vaping is avoided. Let the wick absorb the liquid and recover from your every vape.
  • And finally, change the coil after certain intervals. Have a check of the all the time you needed to change the coil and buy it before your coil loses its life.

With all said and done, vaping has been extremely popular, and to put that in perspective for vape UK has been the biggest market. With close to 2.6 million vapes sold in the UK in 2015 the sales are said to rise and hence it has been extremely important for solutions to be provided for all existing problems related to vaping.

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