Essential Tips to Keep Vape Tank Protected from e Liquid Leaking

Most of us have experienced that moment when we realized our costly e-juice has leaked out of the tank. Dealing with a leaky vape tank when you try a new juice is quite irritating. E-liquids are quite expensive at vape shop UK and for using them for a long time, you need to keep them safe.

Luckily, there are few vaping hacks available which will help you to keep your vape tank safe from eliquid leaking.

Here are some of the best vaping hacks that will keep your tank safe from leaking:

Fill your tank carefully-

One of the most important preventive measures is to fill your tank carefully.

You just need to pay close attention and take your time to fill vape tank carefully because sometimes it’s possible to accidentally squirt e-juice into the tank’s chimney. Sometimes, even a small bit of e-liquid into the chimney of vape tank can lead to a leak. Therefore pay attention while filling your vape tank.

Don’t forget to check O-rings and tank?s Seals are snug-

Check all seals are tightened and lined up of your tank which you bought from vape shop uk. Also, don’t forget to check that the tank exterior and O-rings are not damaged. It is a good practice to seal the airflow when your tank is not in use. Sealing the airflow is also helpful to prevent the tank from flooding.

Clean the Vape Tank-

Cleaning the vape tank is one of the best ways used for protecting the tank from leaking. When all else fails, just properly wash and dry your vape tank to remove any gunk in the or juice chamber or air intake that may cause e-liquid to leak out. Learn more on maintaining your vape stuff.

Keep your tank vertically-

Some of the tanks are not build to remain at the horizontal position for long period of time. For these types of vape tanks, try to keep your vaping kit in the vertical position if you are not using them for a long time. Also make sure, if you are charging your device overnight then don’t forget to remove your tank from the vape mod and leave it in an upright position.

Check for cracks-

Check your tank for cracks or any other type of damage. If your glass is cracked, you can simply replace the tube. It is an inexpensive and simple solution.

A piece of bent metal or a thin crack in the glass mean that the tank is no longer airtight. Therefore always, make sure to check if there is any crack on your vaping machine or tank or not for using it safely and for more time.

Use appropriate juice viscosity-

Make sure to always check your e-juice label for determining your PG/VG ratio. Coil heads which require a lot of power for them, anything lower than 70% VG has more chance of leaking. Therefore, coil heads which require more power to them, make sure to not use VG less than 70 percent.

By going through all these above mentioned effective tips, you can protect your vape tank from leaking.?Are you looking for high-quality vape shop UK? If yes, then choose Vapor Depot.

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