Ethyl Maltol 10ml Solution

10% Ethyl Maltol


Ethyl Maltol 10ml Solution

Ethyl Maltol E Liquid additive, an organic compound that is a common flavouring in some confectioneries.

It is related to the more common flavoraning maltol by replacement of the methyl group by an ethyl group. Commonly used in E Liquid formulations to sweeten the overall taste of the eLiquid or give a ‘Cotton Candy’ type sweetness and/or mouthfeel.

It is recommended to use our Ethyl Maltol solution between 0.5% – 2% of the final eLiquid formula.

Product Composition:

  • 90% PG
  • 10% Ethyl Maltol

Please note, crystals may form if the liquid is cold. This is normal and the crystals will dissolve with a gentle heating and a good shake.

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