Formulated Vape Co

Formulated Vape Co

Formulated Vape Co offer some of the best dessert vape juices on the market, including the popular pudding vape juice Sticky Toffee Pudding. Originally based on a reformulated versions of the new
inal Coil Star flavours, some additional flavours were created especially for this range which brought classics such as Toucan Loops and Irish Charm to the market.

Formulated Full Range Pack
6 Pack E Liquid
Formulated Vape Co Apple Crumble One Shot
Apple, Biscuit, Custard
Formulated Vape Co Creamy Fudgealicious One Shot
Fudge, Cream, Cinnamon
Formulated Vape Co Irish Charm One Shot
Marshmallow, Cream, Cereal
Formulated Vape Co Irish Charm Short Shot
Marshmallow, Cream, Cereal
Formulated Vape Co King Cookie Dough One Shot
Cookie, Caramel, Cream
Formulated Vape Co Sticky Toffee Pudding One Shot
Toffee, Cake, Custard

The Formulated Vape Co Exclusive E Liquid series started as a widely preferred Coil Star flavour range. Their popularity led us to brew them as unique new E juices whilst closely maintaining their much-loved flavour profiles. These shortfills are available in different classic and reformulated flavours for you to choose from.

Highly Trending Tastes

Are you bored of your usual vape flavours? Try our delightful range.

  • Creamy Fudgealicious: Layered with delicious sweetness and cinnamon spices, this authentic creamy fudge’s velvety soft texture can hit your taste buds from every angle.
  • Irish Charm: A blend of double cream and milk covers this pack of Lucky Charms cereal and marshmallows. Once you vape this, you will not put it down.
  • King Cookie Dough: Are you a cookie lover? Then, this E juice is just for you. Crunchy dough with a touch of caramel cream makes it a match for royalties.

These are some of all our Formulated Vape Co Exclusive E Liquids. Every bottle is filled with 100ml nicotine-free juice with an additional 20ml space for your favourite base. Visit our website, check our product range for more flavours, and bag your top picks.