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Vapeman Solo Vape

The Vapeman Solo Vape disposable pods are becoming an extremely popular device in the disposable vape market, offering an average of 600 puffs from each device and many solo vapes flavours available to try. The Vapeman Solo + vape pods stand out from the competition by offering a completely different range of solo plus vape flavours from the rest, with our best solo vape flavours being P.M.G and Blue Razz Lemonade.

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Buy Vapeman Solo + Vape UK

2023 is the year of the disposable vape. There are many different disposable vape brands but only a couple are the most popular disposable vapes. Vape Man Solo + is one of the more popular brands offering disposables and is available in 24 solo vape flavours offering 600 puffs from each vape Solo + 600 Puff Disposable Vape.

What is a solo + vape?

The Solo + vape is a Vape device that doesn’t require any additional maintenance to use - no refilling, no recharging, just pick up and go. As this device is a disposable vape, it can be recycled when you are finished with it, and just open a new Solo Bar vape packet. 

Each solo plus disposable contains 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid which is equivalent to approximately 45 cigarettes (or 600 puffs).

The Solo vape bar is inhale activated, no buttons are needed, simply just inhale on the device to activate the device. 

Are Solo Bars illegal in the UK?

Vapeman Solo Bars are completely legal in the UK, as they have done through the strict TPD testing and notifications process. They contain 2mg of 20mg nicotine salt e liquid, which is perfect for this kind of device, providing they are bought from a legitimate retailer.

There are some retailers that are still stocking illegal devices. The Solo + vapes 5% is an illegal product as it contains more than 2ml of nicotine salt e liquid, and has a version that may contain 50mg strength nicotine salt e liquid. Not only are these Solo + Vapes 5% illegal, using 50mg strength disposable vape devices may be harmful to your health if you are not used to such a high strength. 

How many puffs are in a solo + ?

Each solo bar should last you approximately 600 puffs. This is the equivalent of roughly 45 traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Are Solo + Vapes Good?

Solo disposable vape reviews have been very good but don’t just take our word for it, check out all of the positive reviews on the products from our website. You can get your solo disposable vape device in a wide range of 24 flavours, and all of the solo plus disposable vape flavours have been thoroughly tested to make sure you are getting an extremely safe and great tasting flavour. Our favourite solo bar flavours are Solo + Pineapple Peach Mango, Solo + Blue Razz & Solo + Strawberry Milkshake.

How much nicotine is in a solo bar?

Each Vapeman Solo vape nicotine contains 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e liquid which is the maximum nicotine content and capacity allowed under UK law.

Is Solo Vape bad for You?

The Solo Vape Pods are just the same as any other vape, containing a battery, a heating element, cotton and e liquid. There's no difference between a a Vapeman disposable and any other vape kit, expect they are not refillable or rechargeable.

Can you buy Solo plus bars in shops?

You can find solo vape UK in stock in many UK Vape Shops & Convenience stores across the UK. However many vape shops selling solo vape UK are not purchasing their products from trusted, authorised sources. All of our stock is from reputable sources, and traceable back to when it was manufactured to ensure you are getting a high quality (and most importantly) safe product. We guarantee that all of our Vapeman solo vape are 100% genuine as we do not stock any counterfeit solo disposable vape uk (or any other products). 

Where can I buy solo plus near me?

You can visit us in store to buy your solo vape near me or if you are not in the local area you can order online for Solo Vape Next Day Delivery choosing the UPS shipping option at checkout. All of the Vapeman solo bar disposable device are available for same day click and collect in our store. 

Where can I buy solo disposable vape online?

We offer our huge range of solo vape pen disposable vapes online where you can get disposable vapes with free delivery for all orders over £15, and using our bulk discount disposable vape deals you can save even more.