Top 5 One Shot Concentrates To Try In 2018

One-Shot Concentrate” is a term commonly heard within the vaping community, often described as a cost-effective and enjoyable approach. The idea of pursuing an affordable yet satisfying vaping experience piques the interest of many.

Seasoned vapers frequently employ this method and express their satisfaction. For newcomers or novices who are still exploring this concept, we’re here to provide a comprehensive understanding.

What Are One-Shot Concentrates?

In the simplest terms, one-shot concentrates are pre-mixed flavours derived from popular e-liquids. These concentrates omit the VG juice and optional nicotine, allowing you to create a unique e-juice by adjusting the PG/VG ratio according to your preferences. The optional addition of nicotine can be facilitated with a nicotine shot.

To successfully mix these liquids, you’ll need a few essential items:

  • A one-shot concentrate flavour
  • A measuring device
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Nicotine (if required)
  • A mixing calculator app
  • A container for the final mix
  • The process involves the following steps:

We recommend using an e liquid calculator such as E Liquid Recipes

Input your desired PG/VG ratio and the volume of e-liquid you wish to produce into the calculator. It will provide you with precise measurements.

Utilise a measuring device, such as a syringe, to combine the calculated quantities of PG, VG, and flavour concentrate in a container for the final mix.

If nicotine is part of your mix, handle it with care, as nicotine is toxic. Avoid direct skin contact and wash immediately if any spills occur.

After mixing, transfer the liquid into an airtight bottle for steeping, which can range from one day to several weeks, depending on the flavour type.

Instant steeping is suitable for menthol and mint flavours, while confectionery and fruity flavours benefit from one to seven days. Cakes and creams may require two to three weeks, while custard and tobacco flavours need around four weeks to steep effectively.

With a comprehensive understanding of one-shot concentrates, let’s explore the top one-shot concentrate brands of 2018, as reviewed by satisfied customers:

Vjuice UK Concentrates:

If you prefer PG-based flavourings to create your own e-liquid, Vjuice UK Concentrates offers a wide range of flavours to suit your preferences. Highly concentrated, these flavours are easy to mix and prepare. Popular choices include Deep Freeze, Purple Rain, and Pinkman.

Vampire Vape:

Renowned for its dedicated following, Vampire Vape offers high-quality one-shot concentrates and e-liquids. You can find a variety of popular e-liquid flavours converted into one-shot concentrates, such as Pinkman, Heisenberg, and Vamp Toes. Vampire Vape maintains quality through meticulous manufacturing and accurate labelling, including batch numbers and expiry dates.

Formulated Vape Co. Concentrates:

Created by vaping enthusiasts at Vapour Depot, Formulated Vape Co. offers delectable dessert flavours. Their classic flavours include Creamy Fudgealicious, Irish Charm, King Cookie Dough, and The Bluest Cranston. Steeping is required for sugary flavours, typically taking around two weeks. You can also experiment with mixing these flavours to create your unique blend.

Goldfish Sauce:

Goldfish Sauce is known for crafting intriguing flavour combinations, bringing together seemingly contrasting flavours. The taste defies expectations, offering strong and enjoyable profiles. Popular flavours include Fruit Smasher, Goldfish Flakes, Grape Escape, and Monkey Business—perfect for an all-day vaping experience.

MasterVapor Concentrate:

MasterVapor Concentrate presents flavours that are both delectable and easy to prepare. These high-quality concentrates provide a delightful e-juice experience. With a wide range of flavours, including Berry Treat, Berry Crunch, Black Ice, Cranberry and Cream, and Cin City, they offer cost-effective options in the online UK vape market.


This concludes our exploration of one-shot concentrates and the top brands available in the market. If you’d like to delve deeper into the world of vaping and explore more products, visit our vape store in the UK for additional information and intriguing facts about vaping.


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