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800+ e Liquid Flavour Concentrates

Vapour Depot is a DIY e Liquid flavour concentrates UK supplier, stocking a huge range of popular e Liquid flavours from manufacturers such as Capella, Flavor West and the Perfumers Apprentice.

Vapour Depot is the go to online store for high quality flavour concentrates in the UK. Our DIY Eliquid flavour concentrates are available in 10ml & 30ml bottles. We also stock a number of one shot concentrate brands so you can mix your own DIY e Liquid versions of popular premium e Liquid brands.

Flavour Concentrates
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e Liquid concentrate flavours are available to buy online or order for pickup in our Middlesbrough store. Vapour Depot buy e liquid flavourings in bulk sizes and rebottle for retail sale in 10ml & 30ml bottles. We stock all the most popular brands as well as e Liquid concentrates from some smaller manufacturers, in order to give you the most choice.

Please note that you should never vape flavour concentrates in their current form, you must first mix with the appropriate base mixture (such as Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Nicotine). All our e juice flavour concentrates are food grade products which should generally be used at a rate of 2% – 15% of a DIY e Liquid recipe, depending on the individual vape flavouring.

eLiquid concentrates do not fall under the scope of the TPD / TRPR regulations, therefore we can offer these e Liquid flavours in any bottle size we wish. Orders of multiple 30ml bottles may be bottled together eg. 2 x 30ml bottles may arrive as a single 60ml bottle of the DIY vape flavour.