Fuzion Cotton

Fuzion Cotton is designed for vapers who use rebuildable tanks. Fuzion cotton is ultra absorbent organic cotton, intended to provide excellent flavour.

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Fuzion Cotton is one of the best, most absorbent cotton’s on the market. Perfect wicking material for a RDA or RTA.

Grown in the Philippines, this cotton is totally organic and can withstand high temperatures.

When vaping using Fuzion Cotton, you will quickly learn when it’s time to re-drip, you will start to get a muted flavour when the wick is running dry and less vapour production. Simply re-drip or top up your tank to avoid those nasty dry hits.

Fuzion Cotton was new
inally released in 2015 and is still the go to cotton wick for rebuildable tank users. The packing has improved in recent years, but rest assured that the product is still the lovely fluffy white cotton we’ve always used.