Seriously Series by Doozy

Doozy have released several ranges of Seriously E Liquid, and the only way to describe them are as the name suggests – seriously good!

There are several different ranges on offer, with some great deals to be had.
Take a look at our huge offering from Doozy Vape Co and pick your favourites!

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Showing 1–12 of 28 results

Showing 1–12 of 28 results

What are the most popular Doozy Seriously Series E Liquids?

With this many different flavours available, it can be hard to pick a favourite. We’ve taken a close look through the full ranges to pick our top three doozy seriously flavours.

What ranges is Doozy Seriously available in?

Doozy Seriously series is split into several different ranges, each with a theme behind them.

  • Seriously Bar Salts – a range centred around disposable vape style flavours.
  • Seriously Donuts – a dessert range with a bakery base.
  • Seriously Fruity – a fruity flavour explosion.
  • Seriously Nice – nice and icy, this is a “ice” based flavour range.
  • Seriously Pod Fill – 50VG blends of flavours that are perfect for pod devices.
  • Seriously Salty – the most popular seriously flavours, in nicotine salt form.
  • Seriously Slushy – flavours based around a slushy base.