TRPR (TPD) Implementation

TRPR (TPD) Implementation

TRPR (TPD) Implementation: As of 20th May 2017 the full regulations of the TRPR (TPD) have been implemented.

The regulations mean major changes for Vapour Depot and the European vaping industry as a whole.

Changes to products we can offer (UK):

  • We can no longer offer eLiquids containing nicotine in bottles larger than 10ml, however we can offer multipacks of 10ml bottles.
  • All nicotine containing eLiquids have to go through product testing and notification. All eLiquids containing nicotine on our site have met these requirements.
  • Tanks and kits containing installed coils, such as subohm tanks, also require product testings and notification. They can also currently have a maximum of 2ml liquid capacity in their sold as state.
  • Vapour Depot brand eLiquid will no longer contain nicotine, more on that further down.

What we won?t be changing (UK):

  • Nicotine free eLiquids, flavour concentrates, mods and accessories will still be available.
  • RDA?s (drippers) are still available until further clarification is sought.
  • RTA (rebuildable tank atomisers) are still available, with no change to the tank capacity until further clarification is sought.

Vapour Depot House Juice (UK):

  • We now offer two House Juice ranges, Anthology Juice and A* Liquid. Both sold as 60ml bottles, which contain 50ml of nicotine free eLiquid.
  • By default, we supply each bottle of House Juice with one 10ml 80VG/20PG nicotine free booster. Simply add the 10ml bottle to the 60ml bottle and shake, resulting in a full 60ml nicotine free eLiquid with a final ratio of 75VG/25PG.
  • If you prefer to have nicotine in your eLiquid, you can choose to purchase with an accompanying nicotine booster shot, rather than the nicotine free shot. The nicotine booster shot is 18mg/ml strength in a 80VG/20PG mix. If you choose to add this to the 60ml bottle, then result will be a 3mg/ml eLiquid with a final ratio of 75VG/25PG. Please ensure you shake well if you have chosen to add a nicotine booster.
  • If you prefer a higher nicotine strength, extra nicotine booster shots can be purchased here (please note, a larger empty bottle will be required).

EU Member States:

  • There are no restrictions for Swedish customers until 31/12/2017
  • There are no restrictions for Dutch (Netherlands) customers
  • We can now ship to all EU other member states, however nicotine containing eLiquids, nicotine booster shots, tanks, kits and rebuildables cannot be shipped to EU member states not specifically mentioned above.

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