Things You Need to Know While Traveling with your Vape Gear

If you are a vaping lover, you must be well aware that how hard it is to spend time when you have a great urge to vape but the circumstances don’t let you do that. As the vaping rules vary from state to state and country to country, you also need to change your habits as per the rules of the place you are visiting, regardless you would be there for a long term or just for the vacations.

However, it is not only about vaping on the particular place, but you also need to be aware of the rules and regulation of carrying your vape gear with you during the travel. In addition, you should also have the knowledge that how to store your vaping equipment effectively. In this write-up, we are going to mention the things that you must know if you are planning to travel with your vape gear. You may like this too: Most common vaping mistakes and way to?fix them

Packing your e-cig

Spare a few minutes to pack your vape gear for your travel and ensure to keep it safe.

  • Avoid packing your vaping equipment with your clothes as there is always the risk of leakage and it can lead to hard-to-remove stains on your clothes.

  • Keep your e-cig device in a carrying bag to protect it from getting any breaking during transportation.

However, when it comes to ensuring safety with your vape gear, you need to focus on the means of transport you would be traveling through. To make your travel more convenient, here we are mentioning some tips depending on different means of transport.

If you are traveling by plane

  • Do remember that you are not allowed to vape on a plane.

  • Make sure you have packed your vape equipment as per the security standards of the airport.

  • Don’t keep your e-cigarette in luggage, instead, keep it in a carry-on bag.

  • If you are packing extra cartomizers or e-liquids, store them in the clear plastic bags. As there occur extreme changes in the temperature, the e-juice bottles can crack and start leaking.

  • Store battery and cartomizer separately.

If you are traveling by car

  • Pack all your e-cig essentials (that include cartomizers, vape batteries, e-liquids and charger). Though you can buy the e-liquid or other essentials on the way, there is no surety whether you will get the one of your choice or not.

  • Make certain that other passengers don’t have any problem with your vaping in the car.

  • If you don’t have an e-cigarette car charger, buy it.

  • Don’t leave your e-cig in the hot car.

If you are traveling by boat

  • Every cruise has its own rules for vaping, ensure to follow them.

  • Though most of the cruise lines are vape-friendly and they allow vaping in the private balconies, casinos, at the pool deck, at the bar and more, there are also the ones that have restricted vaping area.

No matter how and where you travel to, you need to check the latest update of rules and regulations (TRPR (TPD) Implementation) of that place for vaping. Also, while packing the e-liquids, pack only the tried ones as you would not be aware of the taste of the new ones.

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