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Stoptober 2018: Quit Smoking With The Right Support

Stoptober is back! Congrats to everyone who is doing this! Once again, the 28-day stop smoking challenge- supported and led by Public Health England (PHE)- is telling people about the stop smoking health benefits.

Since its launch in 2012, the stop smoking campaign has been gaining popularity. The government-backed campaign not just tells people the benefits of giving up smoking but also supports them in quitting the deadly habit.

Until now, many encouraged smokers have quit smoking and started living a healthy life. There are reports which suggest that over 400,000 smokers in England alone have stopped smoking last year (1,069 each day and one in 80 seconds). Since 2014, around one million individuals have given up their smoking habits. Well, that’s really impressive!

Quitting Is Easier With The Right Support

Quitting smoking can be hard, but it is possible. All that a smoker needs is motivation and the right support. While joining the Stoptober 2018 quit smoking movement, an individual must have a plan to give up on the smoking habits and take a healthy approach. Apart from that, a person can reach Stoptober organisers and experts to identify the procedure to stop smoking.

According to experts, using an alternative to smoking is the best way to quit traditional cigarettes.

Stoptober Says ‘Yes’ To Vaping

When annual Stoptober started in 2017, NHS introduced vaping as a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The move backed by the government proved that many recent studies whose results were calling e-cigarettes a healthy replacement of traditional cigarettes were right. It was the first time in the history of Stoptober when NHS included vaping as a method to encourage people to stop smoking. During the last year’s campaign, there were TV ads that showed e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking habits.

The Stoptober 2018 campaign has also given a place to vaping as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, which are a major cause of several deadly diseases. In its website, NHS has called e-cigarettes a stop smoking aid that helps quit smoking for good. It has even elaborated how e-cigarettes work and what are different types of vape devices that help quit smoking.

How Does Vaping Help Quit Smoking?

First things first, going cold turkey doesn’t help in quitting smoking. There are several kinds of products introduced in the last few years an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, none of them is as effective as e-cigarettes. Many recent studies on e-cigarettes have found that vaping is a healthier smoking approach than tobacco cigarettes. It is not an addictive habit and does not lead to harmful diseases.

Regular cigarettes contain nicotine and many other chemicals as ingredients that cause serious diseases. E-cigarettes do not have these chemicals. These battery-powered devices allow users to inhale nicotine without consuming the harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. Apart from that, there is a huge range of flavoured e-juices that do not contain nicotine.

According to NHS, e-cigarettes are not addictive and help manage nicotine cravings. They can help people get rid of their smoking habits and take a healthy approach towards a disease-free life.

Not just researchers in England, but an NHS Health Scotland-led research in 2017 found that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. In a statement, the director of public health science at NHS Health Scotland said that e-cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes.

There are many government-backed studies worldwide where researchers have found that vaping helps to quit smoking even when they don’t want to. In many of these studies, participants accepted that they used many methods in the past to give up on their smoking habits but none of them was as effective as electronic cigarettes.

Make The Switch This Stoptober 2018

Vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking. Stoptober 2018 campaign is also endorsing the battery-powered devices. However, it is necessary for a smoker to buy the right devices and e-liquids to get the most out of this approach.

There is a huge range of vaping products that a smoker can use to make Stoptober a game-changing month. Several popular vape brands, including Aspire and Innokin, have introduced many starter kits for beginners. Apart from that, there are several kinds of vape juices that can help deal with cravings for regular cigarettes.

To make people enjoy vaping and stay on the track of quitting cigarettes, vape manufacturers have introduced quick start quit devices, pod mod quit kit, and sub-ohm starter packs.

If you are also planning to get rid of your smoking habits, then choosing vaping as your right supporting partner. Get the right products and e-liquids at Vapour Depot. Known as the best vape store in the UK, the online vape shop has all kinds of kits and accessories to get started with vaping. All these devices are easy to use, effective, and affordable.

Vapour Depot hopes that more people will take part in Stoptober 2018 and give up their old yet dangerous smoking habits.

Vaping will make you lose your old cigarettes, but it is healthy for you.

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