Is Vaping Effective for Weight Loss?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer. Day by day, there is an increase in the number of users of vaping. Except getting rid of smoking, one of the most important reasons for the increase in the use of vaping is that it helps in reducing weight.

When you will quit smoking, you may find yourself putting in weight which is quite common. Usually, most of the vaporizer users are former smokers who just started vaping to stop smoking.

It is important to note that as per the recent study conducted by researchers in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, vaping help traditional smokers lose weight. This weight gain can be quite concerning if you are looking to quit smoking. For many people, the idea of putting on 20 or more pounds can cause them to keep smoke for avoiding weight gain. There are few more studies that show ecig as the best smoking alternative.

Vaping and weight loss-

Vaping e-juice provides a better way for smokers to get rid of traditional smoking which consists tobacco. Many people who quit smoking immediately notice that they begin to gain weight as their metabolism slows down.

Another essential element of weight gain is the habit of smoking itself. Those who are trying to quit smoking typically start eating candies or chewing gum to help them in overcoming oral fixation. People who are obsessed with cigarettes and constantly have it in their mouth need to replace it with something less harmful.

Vaping helps people to overcome the habit of lifting a cigarette to your mouth and replacing it with a good alternative with fewer health risks. There are a large number of different organizations available in the market nowadays who have started producing weight-loss e-cigs. There are custom made devices which are used in the same way as normal cigarettes. These cigarettes are proven to be successful for helping people in losing weight.

Nicotine is a substance well known for its weight-management effects. It allows body?s metabolism to speed up and burn more calories.It is important to note that e-liquid can be purchased with different levels of nicotine, your body can further assimilate further when you will step down its dosage over time. These weight-loss e-cigs contain nicotine in the same way that standard e liquids do. So, stop smoking tobacco cigarettes full of toxic chemicals and start doing vaping which is safe to consume. Vaping is being touted as the latest weapon in the battle of the bulge, with researchers claiming it could stave off food cravings.

Usually, it has been noticed that if someone tries to not smoke then usually they crave for other things. They want something in their mouth when they want to smoke. Therefore, they eat a lot. For avoiding this situation and weight gain problem, they must start doing vaping.

Vaping satisfy cravings for sweets-

One of the best reasons people vape is that it satisfies cravings for sweets. There are dozens of delicious e liquid flavours available in the market with different bottle size, PG VG ratio and nicotine stength.

Vaping solved one of the most common causes of overeating. According to a survey, people with sweet tooth admitted that by having these dessert flavors while vaping helped them to skip the real food and get the flavor satisfaction.

It is important to note that people eat often because they are bored or they simply looking for something to do. By consuming e juices while vaping, people can satisfy their craving without having to indulge in the high-calorie content food.

Instead of getting another bowl of ice cream or doughnut, vaping of your favorite flavor will help you to avoid consuming too many calories. There are large number of different vape juice flavors available in the market such as Fruity cereal, Marshmallow, Maple syrup, Smooth chocolate, Pie crust, Classic custard, Yummy gummy, Glazed donut, Very vanilla,Sinfully cinnamon, Dulce de leche, Creme de la cr?me, Chocolate delight, Cheesecake, Cotton candy etc. You can choose any of them as per your flavor and choice.

Aside from an increased appetite, you may have noticed that when you switch to vape using a vaporizer, your ability to taste flavors becomes more precise.

When you crave something, it is not necessarily the food you want. You may crave for the taste of it. Handheld vaporizers can be filed with juices which have the flavors of different types of desserts. These flavors include cake, pastries, ice cream, and sweets.

Vaping help people to get rid of the habits of smoking outside-

Enjoying the outdoors for a moment while smoking becomes an ingrained habit of people. Without it, people usually get fidgety and look for something to fill the gap. Eating gives you something to do to take the place of discarded smoking habit whereas a vaporizer gives you a similar activity without all the extra calories. So, it better to vape rather than eating food and gaining extra calories.

Fear of weight gain after you stop smoking-

It has been noted that one of the most common reasons which people give for continuing to smoke is that they are afraid of suddenly gaining a lot of weight. As nicotine act as an appetite suppressant, many smokers believe that they depend on cigarettes to keep their weight in check.

By started vaping after quitting smoking, you can control your weight in two ways-

  • It can slowly wean you off nicotine. As you adjust your dosage downwards, you can also adjust your lifestyle and diet.

  • In addition, by vaping, you will still have something in your hand or your mouth to keep yourself occupied. So, you won?t find yourself eating tons of hard candies or other treats to keep your hands and mouth busy.

Exercising will become easier for you-

Cigarette smokers get tired more easily and don?t have the stamina of non-smokers. People who switch from cigarettes to vaping, experience better breathing and more stamina much more quickly than they imagine.

Eating is just one part of getting healthy. Anyone who?s serious about losing weight knows that exercising is an essential part of their plan. Smoking tobacco cigarettes cause cancer and contribute to a number of nasty diseases. There are other health benefits of vaping also. Many vapers noticed an improvement in their health after quitting smoking. They started feeling better and became more active. Cigarettes contain nicotine which serves as an appetite suppressant. Therefore, it is essential to quit smoking by starting doing vaping.

It is important to note that people tend to put weight after giving up tobacco cigarettes. If you also want to quit smoke and does not want to gain weight then you can start doing vaping.

Manage weight by vaping-

Managing weight with vaping became quite easy. There is an increase in a number of people nowadays who started vaping for reducing weight.

If you are in a search of a weight management tool that will help you to keep away from traditional tobacco smoking then vaping may be worth a shot. Vaping will really help you stave off your desire to have an extra drink or eat a candy. The wide range of available flavors makes it possible to find a vape juice for nearly any craving. The wide range of available flavors makes it possible to find a vape juice for nearly any craving.Whether you are currently trying to quit smoking or not, vaping can be helpful in diverting your attention away from snacks and towards something which will keep you satisfied.

Long-Term Study-

While smoking and obesity are currently the most serious health issues. Every year, a large number of people who just because of obesity and smoking. Its short and long-term effects are seen. Therefore, to overcome the side effects of having traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are developed which are not harmful to health as compared to traditional one.

Vaping has a long way to go before it will be widely accepted as an important part of society. According to a study, people who choose to quit smoking using vapor are more successful because vaping provides a good alternative to both the psychological and physical elements of cigarette addiction.

As there are a large number of researchers out there trying to find out the science behind vaping. We can expect to see more information come forward related to the weight management potential of e-juice products and vaporFi.

We certainly can’t say that vaping is a magical weight-loss secret. It shows promise for those who are ready to quit smoking but are afraid of its negative effects on health such as weight gain.

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