Explained! Difference Between RDA – RTA – RBA and Sub Ohm Tanks

E-cigarettes are handheld electronic devices which create a feeling of tobacco smoking. Upon inhalation, electronic cigarettes vaporize the solution of glycerin (without added nicotine in it). These type of cigarettes are extremely popular these days among people who want to quit smoking.

So, Let us explain the basic about vaping hardware like RDA, RTA, RBA and Sub Ohm Tanks. They all ultimately accomplish the same thing but, Have different functionality and output of vapour. We will explain that all in below article.

1. RDA ( Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)

RDAs don’t have tank section to hold e-liquid. They are designed for e-liquid to be dripped from the bottle, drop by drop directly on to the coils usually after removing the cap which is replaced after dripping. It is important to note that sometimes a deck has a well under coils which hold a small amount of liquid, generally less than 1ml. A best RDA always produce a good amount of vapor, particularly when outfitted along with exotic multi-coil builds at low resistance (0.05-0.2?) as well as vapped at high power (100+ watts).

The RDA is the most popular system among cloud chasers. RDA is a type of RBA which is a dripping system. One of the best advantages of using RDA is that you can change up your liquids more frequently, built up your own coil to the desired resistance. Also look at these RDA under 30?.

Best RDA device-??

?The Recoil RDA by Grimmgreen and OhmboyOC? is the best RDA used for a new vaper. It is a creation of Nick (GrimmGreen) and Duane ( OhmBoyOC).?

Recoil RDA features-

  • 22mm build deck
  • 24mm Diameter
  • 15.1mm wide bore Delrin drip tip
  • 304 SS Construction

2. RTA ( Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

RTA is a tank system which is available with a rebuildable coil. You can fill it up and vape until the liquid is exhausted. It is important to note that RTAs are quite hard to build because they are assembled with multiple parts.

RTAs are popular among those who want to invest some learning time. RTA is a type of RBA. It is a tank system and using RTA you can build your own coils to your desired resistance.

Best RTA device-?

The Mesh 24mm RTA by Vandy Vape is the first rebuildable tank atomiser of this generation who are intended for mesh wire builds. This RTA has a top adjustable airflow that is designed to be leak resistant. This RTA will surely give you amazing flavor and vapors. Here are the few key features of this amazing RTA.

Key Features-

  • 24mmStainless Steel Construction
  • 2ml Tank Capacity
  • Innovative Build Deck
  • Pyrex Glass Tank Section
  • Compatible With Stainless Steel Mesh

3. RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer)

These days, RBAs are used by purists who want to calibrate their vape to their exact preference and for those who wish to vape as cheaply as possible. It is an all-inclusive and generic term for any atomizer along with a deck upon which a user mounts his own wicks and coils.

Best RBA device-?

One of the best RBA devices is ?Dark Horse RDA by Steam Angel Technology?. The Dark Horse RDA is a stainless steel, triple-posted RDA with a ton of airflow options.

Key features

  • Maximum conductivity

  • 16 Preset Airflow Options with Stock AFC Ring

  • 12 Dual Coil Configurations

  • 4 Single Coil Configurations

4. Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub Ohm Tank is a vaping on the device whose atomizer coils have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Its main aim is to increase the power output of fixed voltage devices such as non-variable regulated and mechanical vape mods devices for creating more flavor.

For using this device there is no coiling building knowledge required, available with large E-liquid capacity, and are replaceable coils.

Best Sub Ohm Tank device-?

Aspire Atlantis EVO Tank is a best Ohm tank device. The Aspire Atlantis EVO represents the zenith of recent sub-ohm tank evolution. Double wicking efficiency teamed with lower positioned wick points create ultra-efficient juice flow.

Key Features-

  • 45x22mm

  • Top Fill Tank

  • 2ml Capacity

  • Heat Dissipating Cuff

There are different Electronic cigarettes devices available in the market which will help you to quit smoking. If you want to buy the one then make sure to, first of all, be clear with the type of devices available and the difference between them. By going through these above-mentioned details of electronic devices, you can choose the one which you want as per your choice.

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