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11 Popular Vape Tricks: How to To Do Them

Vaping is not just about inhaling an e-liquid. It also involves doing some cool vape tricks. Apart from smoke rings, there are several popular tricks in the vape community that vapers try to make vaping more amazing than ever.

There are countless vaping tricks to try. However, not all of them are easy to perform. We have prepared a guide to popular vape tricks that everyone can do with a little practice. In addition, there are some tricks that only experienced vapers can perform. To do them effectively, you need a sub-ohm tank and a high-quality e-juice. Plus, make sure that there’s minimal airflow in the room.

Let’s start:

Vape Tricks For Beginners

There are some cool vape tricks that anyone can try and impress others. They are easy to perform and take just a few moments to learn them.

The Dragon

All you Game of Thrones’ Drogon fans out there, this is for you. The dragon is an interesting yet easy vape trick for beginners. In this, you take a drag of the e-liquid and blow clouds out of your mouth and nose simultaneously. Isn’t it cool?

How to do the dragon: Begin with a long drag (make sure you don’t inhale the e-juice). Now when there’s thick vapour in your mouth, try to exhale through your nose and mouth. Try it many times to master the trick.


Vapour Bubble

This trick is extremely popular among amateur vapours. Vapour bubble is an easy trick where you can produce an extremely large bubble. Here, you will be requiring more than just e-liquid and a vape device.

How to do vapour bubble: Take a plastic bottle and remove its bottom. Now, make a bubble solution in a bowl (use water and hand soap). Dip one side of the plastic bottle. The last step is to slowly exhale vapour through the bottle. It will help form a huge vapour bubble.


The Ghost Hit (Mushroom Cloud)

It is one of the easiest vaping tricks for beginners. The vape trick includes creating a vape ball, releasing it, and getting it back.

How to do the ghost hit: Start by taking a long vapour drag. Let the vapour stay in the mouth for a few moments. Now, push it through the mouth and snap it back. Be quick!


The Waterfall

The waterfall is an amazing yet easy trick to impress your friends who aren’t vapers. You can perform it to make your vapour look heavy and viscous.

How to do the waterfall: You need to prepare for this trick a few hours before performing it. In this, you will require a plastic bottle with frozen water in the bottom. Now, inhale the vapour and blow it inside the bottle. The last step is to pour the water. Your personal waterfall is ready to surprise your friends.


Vape Tricks For Intermediate Vapers

This category includes people who have been vaping for a few months. Apart from easy beginners’ vape tricks, intermediate vapers can try some vaping tricks that are not a cakewalk.

Vape Rings

They are similar to traditional smoke rings that come with a pinch of vaping. Although making smoke rings are common among smokers, you need the practice to master it.

How to do vape rings: The first step is to inhale the vapour. In this, you need to ensure that your tongue is at your mouth’s bottom. Shape your lips into ‘O’. Now, push some vapour through your throat. You will notice a vape ring coming out of your O-shaped lips.


The Tornado

In the real world, a tornado is a rapidly rotating air column that is dangerous in many ways. But in the vape community, it is a cool trick that makes vaping more interesting than ever. Here, you make a pool of vapour that spins up in the shape of a real-world tornado.

How to do the tornado: Inhale the vapour and carefully release it onto a surface (flat surface). Make sure it’s thick vapour. Now, use your hands to chop the surface and quickly move your arm to the upward. This will help create a spiral.

Bull Ring

As the name suggests, the vape trick is about creating a ring on your nose. Although you need the practice to master this trick, it is cool to do many times.

How to do bull ring: First things first, it should be a pain-free trick. You can begin by inhaling the vapour. Now release it in a way that it creates a vape ring. The step is to catch the ring through your nose. You can use a mirror to see if you are doing it in the right way.


French Inhale (Irish Waterfall)

It’s like a reverse waterfall that goes in the upward direction. In this, you exhale vapour and take it back through your nostrils.

How to do French inhale: Take a deep drag and keep it there for a few moments. Now, slowly release the vapour. The most important part of the trick is to make sure that you bend your bottom jaw in a way that the vapour comes out in the upward direction naturally. The last thing to do is inhaling it through your nose.


Vape Bend

This is a trick to create O-shaped rings with a little twist: redirecting the ring. In this vaping trick, you bend your vape ring in any direction.

How to do vape bend: Create a ring using the vape ring trick. Here, you have to make sure that one of your hands is next to your mouth. After exhaling the vapour, gently give a direction to your vape ring. Now, follow the ring and redirect it again.


Vape Tricks For Experienced Vapers

If you have tried all the vape tricks for amateur and intermediate vapers, then it is the time for you to take your vape game to the next level with advanced vape tricks. You can practice some tricks that are hard to do yet are interesting.

Vape Triangles

If vape rings are easy for you, then you can try making vape triangles. Apart from your mouth movements, you need to use your hand to make perfect vape triangles.

How to do vape triangles: Follow all the steps of making a vape ring. When you blow a ring, use your hands to push it. Now, bend the sides to give it a shape of a triangle.


Jellyfish (Atomic Bomb)

It is a complex yet an entertaining vape trick to perform when you are bored of simple vape tricks. Here, you master a vape shape that looks like a jellyfish or an atomic bomb.

How to do jellyfish: First of all, make an O-shaped ring. Now, slow down its speed by simply placing your hand behind it. Then, make a smaller ring and push it through the bigger ring’s centre. This procedure will leave a trail that makes it look like a jellyfish.



These are some extremely popular vape tricks that you can try with your device. You may require some practice to master them. If you do not succeed in mastering them in the first attempt, then don’t get disappointed. Practice more!

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