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10 Best E-juice And E-liquid Flavour Concentrate Brands In The UK

If you want to know how important an e-liquid is for vapers, then just start talking about the best e-liquid concentrates in the UK and notice a big smile on their face. For them, their vape juice isn’t just a mix of ingredients but a vapour-creating nectar that takes them to a wonderful world of vaping. There are e-liquid flavour concentrates that allow vape users to create their personal e-juices at home.

There are many reputed e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands that produce a range of best flavour concentrates in the UK to add more fun to vaping. Their flavours range from cocktail, fruit, tobacco, and everything in between.

An amazing thing about creating your own juice is that you can control the nicotine amount, PG: VG, and the flavour profile. To create a juice that you would love to inhale, you require the right e-juice flavour concentrates and a perfect e-liquid recipe in the UK. To save your time looking for the best vape juice concentrate brands in the UK and spend more time creating your e-liquid, we have made a list of 10 e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands in the UK.

Here are they:

  • Capella Flavour ConcentratesCapella Flavour Concentrates

A home to pure, authentic, and some of the finest vape ingredients, the American brand is a popular brand to get amazing juice and vape concentrates in the UK. The rising popularity of Capella is due to its continuous bonding with its customers. It understands what customers may like to inhale.

There is a huge range of Capella products to choose as e-juice concentrates. Vape users can choose from several options, including apple pie, apricot, banana, blackberry, raspberry, and many others.

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  • Jungle Flavors ConcentratesJungle Flavors Concentrates

There is a huge range of Jungle Flavors concentrates that take you to an interesting tour of vaping. The brand’s concentrates are unique yet delicious to try. If you are visiting a vape shop in the UK, then you will easily find most of the Jungle Flavors.

Cocoa, coconut, mango, mint, lemon, tobacco, apple, boysenberry, coffee, pineapple, and espresso are some of the most popular flavours of Jungle Flavors. There are many others to try to make your favourite e-juice.

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  • Aromea Concentrates

Aromea Concentrates

Aromea is an extremely popular brand due to its huge range of DIY bases, e-liquids, and concentrates. Many of its products are renowned among vape users due to their unique and addictive aromas. Aromea to prepare your own e-liquid comes with a range of flavour options to choose from. The brand is known for creating some of the most amazing concentrates in the world.

The brand has spread its wings worldwide. Vapers across the world choose Aromea concentrates to create vape juices of their choices. Whether you want to create a unique banana vape juice, champagne, an energy drink flavour, there is a huge range of Aromea vape juice concentrates to buy and try in the UK.

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  • FlavourArt Concentrates UK

FlavourArt Concentrates UK

When it comes to the best brands in the UK for vape flavour concentrates, the name of FlavourArt appears among the top and trusted suppliers. Trusted and unique products are the reason behind the sky-rocketing popularity of the brand worldwide.

There are plenty of interesting FlavourArt concentrates that allow you to create a sumptuous e-liquid flavour at home. The brand sells many types of e-liquid concentrates in the UK and other parts of the world to give an opportunity to vape users to prepare e-juice flavours like cream fresh, cocoon, nut mix, raspberry, and many others.

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  • Flavor West

Flavor West

The US-based e-liquid and vape flavour maker is a well-known brand in the vape community for its sweet and delicious e-liquid concentrates. Flavor West is also famous for creating some extremely unique flavours that you will not find anywhere else.

You can make your favourite dessert e-juice using concentrates manufactured by Flavor West. The brand’s products are unique, high-quality, and capable of making a vape juice that you would love to inhale again and again. Apple green, banana, birthday cake, blackberry mojito, blue ice, blueberry, cotton candy, and many others are some of the most popular Flavor West concentrates that vapers in the UK like to create their vape juices.

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  • Real Flavors

Real Flavors

The popular American vape concentrate brand is based in Michigan, and is known for unique yet delicious flavour compounds made by using advance flavour delivery technology. According to the brand, the technology it uses is the same which is used in food and beverages.

What makes Real Flavors one of the finest concentrate brands to create e-liquid or e-juice in the UK is its natural flavours. The company’s ready to mix concentrates are perfect to try your next vape juice recipe. Apart from common concentrate products, the brand sells unique and interesting concentrates like Baja soda, boysenberry, cinnamon toast, and countless others.

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  • Botanic ElixirBotanic Elixir

Botanic Elixir has been producing high-quality vape concentrates for vape users from all across the world. The long list of rich flavours gives vapers an opportunity to create a vape juice that they are not going to forget for a long time to come.

Botanic Elixir e-liquid concentrates in the UK are interesting products to buy and prepare an e-juice that is delicious and unique at the same time. Vape users can use the products to make a perfect vape juice mix of almond, apricot, cherry, banana, butterscotch, hazelnut, or others.

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  • The Flavor Apprentice

The Flavor Apprentice

In the UK, The Flavor Apprentice is popularly known as a company that manufactures an extensive range of e-liquid flavours and concentrates. According to the brand, it uses only highest-grade ingredients to prepare concentrates that let vape users create a sumptuous e-juices at home.

The popular concentrate brand has a huge range of products to sell in the UK. From Acai, apple, banana cream, and nut bread to tea deluxe, there are hundreds of concentrate products to buy and prepare a delicious vape juice mix.

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  • Inawera Flavor Concentrate Inawera Flavor Concentrate

Whether you want ready e-liquids, bases, or flavours for your favourite e-liquid, Inawera has everything for you. All of its concentrates are high-quality products that come at inexpensive prices in the UK.

Inawera is a reputed and trusted e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brand in the UK due to its range of unique products. There are lots of fruity flavour concentrates to buy and prepare an e-juice of your choice. You can choose from concentrates like grape, fruit mint, purple pink, raspberry, seven leaves, banana, golden apple, mango, and many others.

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  • Flavorah


The list of best e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands in the UK is incomplete without Flavorah. The popular brand prepares concentrates with an aim to eliminate tobacco from common use.

Flavorah is a favourite concentrate brand of many in the UK. The company sells rich and delicious products that you can use to create your own unique vape juice. Apart from common products, it has a number of unique e-liquid concentrates in the UK. They include candy roll, cranberry, cereal, dragon fruit, heat, and honey bee.

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If you want all of these concentrates at cost-effective prices, then come to the best vape shop in the UK. Vapour Depot has products manufactured by all popular e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands in the UK.


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