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instaBar 5000 Puff Disposable Vape

With a pocket friendly design, this nicotine free disposable vape features a rechargeable battery to get you through the huge 5000 puffs it offers. Featuring great flavours that are similar to some of the big brands, this device will keep you going on the move without the nicotine content.

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What is an instaBar?

The instaBar vape is a 5000 puff disposable vape which is available to buy in the UK as it contains 12ml of nicotine free eliquid and a rechargeable 600mAh battery. These 0mg disposables contain similar flavours to all the popular brands (such as Elf Bar and Solo Vapes) but without the nicotine content, for people who choose to have their flavours from a 0mg disposable vape. 

Where can I buy 5000 puff disposable vape in the UK?

When the TPD was introduced, nicotine products were limited to 20mg in strength and to have a maximum tank capacity of 2ml. instaBar UK is not regulated by the TPD as the e liquid contained within the device is nicotine free so does not have to comply with the 2ml tank size limit. 

There are other 5000 puff disposables on the market that do contain nicotine, however a large majority of these are illegal and are considered black market vape devices. As they have not gone through the correct MHRA testing and notification procedures, you cannot be sure what is in the devices and if they are good quality. The only larger size disposables on the market that has gone through the testing process is the Happy Vibes 3500 puff disposable as it has multiple 2ml tanks to give it the increased capacity. 

What are the best instaBar flavours?

There are a large number of insta Bar vape flavours available at the moment, but we’ve taken a look at the top 5 best sellers to cut down on the guesswork for people wanting to find the best 0mg disposable vape:

  • Strawberry Banana - a delicious mix of strawberry and banana brings a different fruit mix to the table compared to the usual offerings.
  • Summer Mojito - an excellent take on the popular summer cocktail, this vape features lime, fresh mint and a great soda base to replicate the drink perfectly. This is the best instabar flavour in our opinion.
  • Red Apple Ice - sweet and tart red apples meets just the right amount of cooling ice to bring another fresh tasting flavour option.
  • Strawberry Ice - freshly picked strawberries meets a crushed ice hit from what is sure to be a favourite for the fruit and menthol lovers.
  • Yummy Bear - retro candy animals don’t just come in gummy form any more, you can now grab it in one of the best 0mg vape flavours too!

How long can I get from a 5000 puff disposable vape?

By choosing an insta Bar 5000 puffs, you will get (on average) 5000 puffs from each device which is equivalent to around 400 traditional cigarettes. The nic free disposable devices feature a 600Aah rechargeable battery (which is charged quickly via USB type C) to get you through all of the juice in the device.

What nicotine strength does this vape come in?

This device is only available in a 0mg, nicotine free option. 

How much 0mg e juice is in the disposable?

Each instaBar contains 12ml of nicotine free e liquid. This juice is designed to work perfectly with the device and provide the satisfaction needed without having to rely on a high nicotine content (like the other disposables available on the market). 

Where can I buy nicotine free disposable vapes?

We offer 0mg disposable devices in our Middlesbrough vape store, or online with the best prices around. 

If you are not in the local area, we offer fast and free delivery using our Royal Mail 48 service (available on all UK orders over £15) or next day using our UPS courier service at checkout. 

Are instaBar 5000 puffs legal?

Yes! These devices are fully legal in the UK as they do not contain any nicotine. As there is no nicotine content to the e liquid, they do not have to comply with the 2ml tank size as set out in the TPD. 

How do I use this device?

When you receive your insta Bar vape, simply remove it from the packaging. Once the packaging has been removed from the mouthpiece of the device, you are ready to go. 

Vaping on any disposable is simple as they are nearly all inhale activated - simply puff on it as you would a traditional tobacco product. 

With an insta Bar you may find that your battery runs out before you have gone through all of the e liquid, however this is one of the best rechargeable vape devices that you can buy. In this case, simply connect a USB type C cable to your device and it will recharge the onboard 600mAh battery. 

Are disposable vapes cost effective?

You may look at the price of a normal disposable and think that it is expensive compared to a 10ml bottle of nicotine salt, however you do need to remember that this is a full device - no extra products are needed before you can vape it. 

With this costing around £14 and being equivalent to 400 cigarettes, that works out at around 70p per 20 pack you would usually be paying over £10 for in your local shop and we don't need to tell you how much of a massive saving that is (not only to your wallet, but to your health too). 

How much could I save switching from smoking to disposable vapes?

With an insta Bar nicotine free disposable the average person could be saving over £1000 per year (based on 2 packs per week) and for the heavy smoker even more!

These kits are a great way to help you quit traditional tobacco products and come in a variety of different strengths. The insta bar 0mg nicotine option is a great choice for someone who not only wants to quit smoking but does not want any nicotine in their e liquid either. 

Can I use my own e liquid?

These devices are not designed to allow you to refill them (which the name “disposable vapes” comes from). Each device comes prefilled with 12 ml of nicotine free e juice so the only thing you need to do is keep it charged.