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Top 10 E Liquid Flavours to Try in 2020: Best Vape Juice for 2020

2018 was a crazy year for vaping. Several false myths were busted, resulting in vaping becoming more widely accepted as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The 2018 vaping boom brought many new e Liquid brands, some great and of course some not so great but with it several amazing e liquid brands were either born or established e Liquid manufacturers introduced brand new flavours to the market.

What Is The Best e Liquid Of 2020?

The trend continued through the year 2019 and into 2020 as well, but with all these e juice brands and flavours, where does one begin?

To clear up some of the confusion we’ve tested hundreds of the best e juices available in 2020 and come up with our top 10 e Liquid brands of 2020 and the best flavours associated with them.

Ready? Here we go:

1. Lucha Juice High Flyer (Lucha Juice):

A bottle mockup of Lucha Juice Heavyweights High Flyer shortfill premium coffee flavoured e liquid. The bottle is a black 60ml unicorn and the label has a sunburst yellow and white background, featuring a blue lucha mask in the middle. This product image is the first on our Top 10 E Liquid Flavours list.
Lucha Juice High Flyer Shortfill E Liquid

We’re starting the list off with a flavour you might not have vaped before. You might even say, Yuck!. It’s coffee!

Coffee flavoured e Liquid is a funny old thing. Many e Liquid brands & manufacturers have tried to make good tasting coffee e juice but failed, often recreating the taste of burnt rubber or a 3 month old espresso that was found under a chair in Starbucks.

But Lucha Juice got it right with High Flyer, a vanilla ice latte. Using natural coffee extract, Lucha Juice were able to capture the aromatic coffee flavour but remove any bitterness with a beautiful Madagascan vanilla.

High Flyer is hands down the best coffee flavoured e Liquid we’ve ever tried, and for this reason Lucha Juice deserve a spot on our top 10 list.

Lucha Juice Runner Up:

If you’ve already decided you don’t like coffee then Lucha Juice Ring Bell may be more suitable – a fruit and crisp blackcurrant mojito on the rocks, easily taking the second spot in the range.

Lucha Juice Range Specifications:

  • Region: UK
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 50ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 75VG 25PG
  • Price Range: Mid Range (££)

2. Breaking Brew Blue Cranston (Breaking Brew):

A bottle mockup of Breaking Brew Blue Cranston, a cheaper alternative to Vampire Vape Heisenberg. The bottle is a black 60ml unicorn and has a blue background, featuring a black breaking bad style bowler hat in the lower portion on the label.
Breaking Brew Blue Cranston Shortfill E Liquid

Next up is Breaking Brew, a UK brand who have put their own spin on some of the UK’s most popular flavour profiles.

Breaking Brew Blue Cranston is a cheaper alternative to the popular Heisenberg, available for just £4.99 per 50ml shortfill.

Heisenberg e Liquid is without a doubt one of the most popular flavour profiles among UK vapers, smashing together various fruits, aniseed and menthol. It’s so popular we couldn’t leave out a Heisenberg style flavour from our top 10 e Liquid brands list. In our experience, we’ve found an overwhelming number of new vapers stick with Heisenberg style flavours throughout their first few months of vaping but hate the cost associated with the original.

Through our flavour testing we felt that the original Heisenberg has a Ouzo-esque flavour to it, where as the Breaking Brew Blue Cranston is much fruitier and softer on the pallet and as such a much better fit for subohm vaping.

Breaking Brew Runner Up:

Heisenberg flavoured e Liquid is quite everyone’s cup of tea. If you like citrus fruits and menthol, then we recommend Breaking Brew Pink Sturtevant, which is similar to Pinkman.

Breaking Brew Range Specifications:

  • Region: UK
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 50ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 75VG 25PG
  • Price Range: Budget (£)

3. Coil Spill RKOI (Coil Spill):

A picture of Coil Spill RKOI 100ml shortfill e juice. The bottle is a black Chubby Gorilla 120ml size bottle, the label is mainly white with the Coil Spill logo in the middle. The name RKOI is at the top of the label in black text on a metallic gold background.

The next entry easily made its way to our best e Liquid list for originality and quality. Coil Spill is an American e juice manufacturer with just 5 e Juice flavours, but each has been carefully crafted to be high in quality, consistent and flavourful.

RKOI, meaning ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ gets top marks for Coil Spill through it uniqueness. A strawberry champagne flavour that you didn’t realise you would like.

We thought a champagne flavour e Liquid would be awful, but how we were wrong. Strawberry is the predominant flavour in Coil Spill RKOI, with an effervescent champagne back note to compliment the ripeness of the strawberry, this really is one that you need to try for yourself.

Coil Spill Runner Up:

Prefer desserts? Second place goes to Coil Spill Bakers Daughter, a white chocolate & marshmallow sugar cookie flavour. Beautifully blended but super sweet.

Coil Spill Range Specifications:

  • Region: USA
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 100ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 70VG 30PG
  • Price Range: Premium (£££)

4. Dinner Lady Orange Tart (Dinner Lady):

A picture of Dinner Lady Sweets Sweet Fusion shortfill e Liquid. The bottle is a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle with a red lid. The centre of the bottle has the Dinner Lady logo with an orange background. This product image is the fourth on our Top 10 E Liquid Flavours list.
Dinner Lady Sweet Fusion Shortfill E Liquid

Dinner Lady started life as a small company from Blackburn (UK) delivering nostalgia one bottle at a time with 4 original flavours. Fast forward to 2020, Dinner Lady has over too many flavours to list and are dominating the global e Liquid market.

It’s obvious that Dinner Lady are most well known for their Lemon Tart, but that doesn’t mean that it’s their best e Liquid flavour! In our opinion, Sweet Fusion from the Dinner Lady Sweets range trumps all the rest. Delivering a fruit filled blast of sweetness that makes your palette confused, yet happy.

Dinner Lady Sweet Fusion may be on the sweet side, but it’s one of those E Liquids were you simply just don’t care – because it’s that darn good!

Dinner Lady Runner Up:

Well that’s got to be Lemon Tart right? We didn’t say Dinner Lady Lemon Tart was bad, just not the best e Liquid flavour from Dinner Lady. But with so many great e juices, Dinner Lady have solidified their spot on our best vape juice list.

Dinner Lady Range Specifications:

  • Region: UK
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 50ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 70VG 30PG
  • Price Range: Premium (£££)

5. Northland Vapor Blu Razzz (Northland Vapor):

A bottle mockup of Northland Vapor Blu Razzz e Liquid. The bottle is a black Husky 120ml plastic bottle, the label has a blue background with a black Northland Vapor logo in the top portion of the label.

What top 10 e Liquid flavours list would be complete without the mystical Blue Raspberry flavour?

Northland Vapor is a well established e Liquid manufacturer all the way from North Dakota, USA. Northland’s ethos is to use top quality raw materials to create premium e Liquid at a budget price, without the use of artificial sweeteners.

Blu Razzz is the perfect example and well executed, available in 100ml and 50ml shortfill bottles it’s both tart and sweet, yet definitely not lacking in flavour.

Any e Liquid brand can create a blue raspberry flavoured e liquid, yet most will use sweeteners to balance the flavour and hide mistakes. For Northland Vapor to achieve such a great flavourful e Liquid, without needed to add sweetener, they deserve a spot on our top 10 e liquid flavours list.

Northland Vapor Runner Up:

Looking for something different, then look no further than Northland Vapor Nuts & Cream. Smooth caramel and toasted hazelnuts combined with a sweet cream.

Northland Vapor Range Specifications:

6. I VG Sweets Bubblegum (I VG):

A bottle mockup of I VG Sweets Bubblegum shortfill e Liquid. The bottle is a clear Chubby Gorilla 60ml plastic bottle.

Well where do we begin? I VG is a company who are dominating the market in multiple countries around the world. They have so many flavours we’ve honestly lost count and you may even say they are a victim of their own success, because some of the latest flavours are a little, well, weird (bubblegum custard we’re looking at you!).

But that doesn’t mean they don?t have some standout e liquids, such as Bubblegum Sweets.

Previously known as Bubblegum Millions, Select Bubblegum tastes just like those tiny little bubblegum flavoured candy balls.

With candy flavoured e Liquid being all the rage in 2020, I VG knocked it out of the park with what we would consider one of the best candy flavoured e juices available in the UK.

I VG Runner Up:

If you’re looking for a fruity menthol, Kiwi Kool is I VG’s blatant second place killer e Liquid.

I VG Range Specifications:

  • Region: UK
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 50ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 70VG 30PG
  • Price Range: Mid Range (££)

7. Mums Home Baked Strawberry Cheesecake (Mums Home Baked):

A picture of Mums Home Baked Strawberry Cheesecake e Liquid. The bottle in the image is a clear Chubby Gorilla 75ml plastic unicorn bottle.
Mums Home Baked Strawberry Cheesecake 50ml Shortfill E Liquid

We actually don’t know a whole lot about the Mums Home Baked brand, but what we do know is that they manufacture some amazing dessert flavoured E Liquids.

Strawberry Cheesecake is a freshly baked cheesecake with a sweet strawberry swirl, baked into a savoury graham cracker crust and topped with fresh cream.

What’s even better is the price, you can pick up a bottle for sub £9 and can regularly find some banging deals to get the per bottle price even lower!

Mums Home Baked Runner Up:

Coming in second place would be Mums Home Baked Raspberry Custard. A traditionally sumptuous golden, creamy custard invigorated by a blast of tart, whole raspberries marinated in a sweet and tangy raspberry couli.

Mums Home Baked Range Specifications:

  • Region: UK
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 50ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 80VG 20PG
  • Price Range: Budget (?)

8. Bogan Brew The Ducks Nuts (Bogan Brews):

A bottle mockup of Bogan Brews The Ducks Nuts shortfill e Liquid. The bottle is a black Chubby Gorilla 60ml plastic unicorn bottle with a white and clear lid. The bottle label is white and black featuring the flavour name 'The Ducks Nuts' at the top, the brand name 'Bogan Brews' is written from left to right across the middle section and a small cartoon image of a donut is at the very bottom on the label.
Bogan Brews The Ducks Nuts Shortfill E Liquid by The Vaping Bogan

Good day you *****. Yeah, we’ll stay away from quoting the Vaping Bogan but a brand new entry for the best e Liquid flavours to try in 2020 goes to Bogan Brews.

From the mind of YouTuber, possible alcoholic and 100% potty mouthed punk the Vaping Bogan, Bogan Brews e Liquid is made in New Zealand and consists of 6 amazing unique flavours.

Our pick for best e Liquid flavour in Bogan’s range is the Ducks Nuts – a bloody lovely cherry jam doughnut.

We’ve found that cherry flavour e liquid can sometimes be a little harsh, but we didn’t get that here. Vaping on the Ducks Nuts (that doesn’t sound good does it) gives you a blast of cherry on the inhale, followed by doughy doughnutty doughness on the exhale. A well balanced flavour that we just want to keep vaping over and over again.

Bogan Brews Runner Up:

It’s got to be Bogan Brews Ridgy Didge, a mandarin oatmeal sugar cookie. Another e juice flavour that’s unique and moreish.

Bogan Brews Range Specifications:

  • Region: New Zealand
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 50ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 70VG 30PG
  • Price Range: Mid Range (££)

9. Vaper Treats Cookies & Custard (Vaper Treats):

A picture of a bottle of Vaper Treats Cookies & Custard. The bottle is a black Chubby Gorilla 120ml plastic unicorn bottle. The bottle label has a yellow background with the words 'Cookies & Custard' in the centre.
Vaper Treats Cookies & Custard Shortfill E liquid

Custard is a classic flavour that sticks around. At this point, it seems like every juice brand and their dog have had a go at this classic, but we have to hand it to Vaper Treats – they have done something a little different.

Combining a soft crumbly cookie with a deliciously smooth vanilla custard, Cookies & Custard is an absolute must vape.

At Vapour Depot, we are known to enjoy our dessert flavours but this is one juice that we think could even tempt some people to try a new flavour profile. With a perfect blend between the two main flavours, this isn’t going to taste like a soggy mess when you’ve left your cookies dipped in your tea for too long!

Vaper Treats Runner Up:

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Technically two second place juices because we can’t just pick one – Cupcake Man (available in Blueberry or original Strawberry) is our choice!

Vaper Treats Range Specifications:

  • Region: USA
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 100ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 70VG 30PG
  • Price Range: Mid Range (££)

10. Anarchist Mango (Anarchist):

A picture of a bottle of Anarchist Mango e Liquid. The bottle is a black Chubby Gorilla 120ml plastic unicorn bottle. The label is orange, with the Anarchist e Liquid logo in the centre. This product image is the tenth on our Top 10 E Liquid Flavours list.
Anarchist Mango Shortfill E Liquid

It seems that these days, Mango is the new popular flavour replacing the Strawberry Custards, Cheesecakes and Milkshakes of 2018. As one of the most vaped fruits by our team this year, we had to include a mango flavour in our top 10!

We first tried this juice at Vape Expo 2018 and found ourselves hooked on it. Not overly sweet, Anarchist Mango is filled with rebellious spirit and truly juicy fruit!

If you’re looking for something super complex, you won’t find it here (and that’s not a bad thing!) No cream layered on top of a biscuit base created in the himalayas by an 86 year old monk and his trainee, mixed only using an ancient technique handed down by an aztek tribe, this is straight ripe mango goodness through and through!

This is our pick for Mango juice of the year 2020.

Anarchist Runner Up:

Pink Lemonade! The Anarchist take on this juice is excellent. Subtle enough to be your next all day vape but still plenty of fruity goodness bursting through to keep all the flavour chasers happy!

Anarchist Range Specifications:

  • Region: USA
  • Nicotine Strength: Nicotine Free (Shortfill)
  • Bottle Size: 100ml (Shortfill)
  • Mix Ratio: 70VG 30PG
  • Price Range: Mid Range (££)

Final Words

While this is a list of our top 10, we couldn’t help but include some honourable mentions that we just missed out on the list.

Barista Brew Cinnamon Glazed Blueberry Scone – a super authentic representation of the coffee shop favourite.

Formulated Vape Co King Cookie Dough – a delicious freshly baked vanilla caramel cookie.

With all of our top picks above, whats your favourite? These are all products that we fully stand behind – we don’t just stock everything. Our selection is hand curated to bring you the best of the best!

We hope you liked our choice of top 10 e Liquid flavours. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the ranges by the top players, we are sure you are bound to find something you enjoy! While we can recommend juice to you, you are the only one who knows exactly what you are going on enjoy!

This article was originally published in February 2018 and has been updated to reflect the best e Liquid flavours in 2020.


  • Andy P

    I have been vaping for approx. 7 years now and I have tried pretty much all the industry offers, from every region. You have some belters up there – but I’ve tried a few recently that are up and coming in the industry. There is a range called ”Yankee Desserts” that are releasing a Mississippi Mud Pie soon that is just something else. It has every element of the actual dessert. I HATE dessert flavoured e-liquids with a passion, but this is something else. They have a few other flavours that I consider now some of my favourites. The Grape out of the Ice range is something else and from what I can see from the website they have some new flavours in the mix ready for summer.

    • vpadmin

      Hey Andy,

      Thanks for taking time to read our article.

      We’ll check out the dessert e Liquids you’ve mentioned as they could be contenders for future updates to our article or another article entirely.

      Many thanks

      Jonny – Vapour Depot