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Top 10 High-Quality American E-Liquid & E-Juice Brands of 2018

Whether you are new to vape world or have been vaping for a long time, investing in cheap products is not a wise decision to make. To have an incredible e-cigarette experience, you need a combination of the best atomizer, battery, and e-juice. The best e-liquid can take your vaping experience to a new level. So, which is the best vape juice of 2018?

In terms of quality and flavours, the vape world of 2018 has plenty of e-liquid options to choose from. American e-liquid flavours are extremely popular among vape users due to their unique juicy taste and cost-effective prices.

We have examined many e-juices in the market, tried them, conducted polls on them, and created a list of high-quality and the best American vape juices to try in 2018 in the UK. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vape user, try the following 10 best American e-liquid brands to have an unforgettable vaping experience:

  • Grimm Green Signature

Grimm Green Signature

Known for rich and refreshing flavours, Grimm Green Signature has successfully impressed reviewers, vape bloggers, and users. The American e-liquid brand has tested various sweet fruit flavours and put them in a 50 ml bottle. Flavours like Grimm Green Signature Bro Trip, Grimm Green Signature Normal View, and Grimm Green Signature Vlog Day are some of the popular flavours to turn your hot summer into a refreshing season.


      • Rich and sweet flavours
      • A huge bottle size
      • Attractive appearance


      • A 50 ml bottle costs between £ 14.99 and £ 15.99

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  • Liquid EFX Vape

Liquid EFX Vape

If a cream cake is your vaping game, Liquid EFX Vape is the right American e-liquid brand to choose in the UK. The fried cream cakes are a signature of the brand that leaves you with a tasty treat in your mouth.


      • Flavour profile includes vanilla, marshmallow, strawberry. Cake and cream are common.
      • Nicotine-free e-liquid that comes in a 50 ml bottle.
      • Perfect cakey choice.


      • Dusted with sugar. Too sweet.

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  • Vape Breakfast Classics

Vape Breakfast Classics

First introduced in 2014, Vape Breakfast Classics is the best American e-liquid brand in the UK if you want to vape several breakfast classics of one brand. From Deluxe Pancake and Mr Freeze to Unicorn Cakes, there are plenty of Vape Breakfast Classics e-liquids to take your vaping game to the next level.


      • Incredible blend of flavours
      • A big, 120-ml bottle size
      • Topped off with fruity flakes


      • Cost. Their prices range from £ 14.99 to £ 23.99

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  • Vaper Treats

Vaper Treats

E-liquids by Vaper Treats secure the brand’s place in the list of top 10 American e-liquids in the UK in 2018, thanks to their delicious taste. The Vaper Treats e-juices include diverse tastes, including cake and cupcakes.


      • Plenty of dessert vape flavours
      • A long list of flavours in the profile
      • A box of 6 bottles


      • The price starts at £19.99 and can be as high as £25.99

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  • Barista Brew Co E-Juices and E-Liquids

Barista Brew Co E-Juices and E-Liquids

For vape users who love to have coffee, e-juices by Barista Brew Co is an ideal brand to choose. Different flavours included in the brand’s e-juice category are Mocha Breeze, Caramel Macchiato, Maple Bar Donut, Strawberry Watermelon Refresher, and others. Filled in attractive bottles, Barista Brew Co e-liquids are indeed a tasty American treat to try this year.


      • Amazing flavours that gratify your vaping and coffee cravings
      • Smooth and full bodied
      • Freshly baked flavours


      • Price range (£17.99-£19.99) can be the only reason to skip the brand

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  • Wake Mod Co E-Juice and E-Liquid

Wake Mod Co E-Juice and E-Liquid

Wake Mod Co Strawbeezy is the most popular and the best American vape juice by Wake Mod Co in the UK. Belonging to the original maker DotMod, the e-juice is a combination of cheesecake and a sweet strawberry swirl.


      • Many flavours in the profile, including cheesecake, strawberry, and cream
      • A massive 120 ml bottle
      • Available in nicotine and nicotine-free options


      • Limited options in flavours

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  • Flawless E-liquid And Vape Juice

Flawless E-liquid And Vape Juice

Flawless vape brand is no less than a delicious American gift to vape users in the UK. With plenty of e-juice options, Flawless e-liquids and juices are cost-effective. Vape dough is the most cost-effective product by the brand that comes at £4.99.


      • Many unique and delicious juice options
      • Attractive packages
      • Exciting prizes


      • An e-juice with a limited combination of flavours

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  • Candy King E-Liquid

Candy King E-Liquid

High-quality juice and inexpensive price are some major reasons behind the popularity of Candy King Candy King Swedish e-liquid in the UK. The e-juice brings you a tasty combination of redfish Swedish sweet and gummy.


Innovative taste of redfish sweet

  • Inexpensive price
  • Unique vape juice concept



      • Not for boring vape users

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  • Element Vape Juice & E-Liquids

Element Vape Juice & E-Liquids

One of the best e-liquid brands, Element Vapes is imported from America to fulfil the high demands of vape users. If you want to try plenty of juices for one brand, go with Element and you will have a unique flavour to try on a regular basis.


      • Multiple juice options to choose from
      • High VG for serious vaping
      • Unique and tasty flavours


      • Lots of e-liquid options may confuse a user

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  • Anarchist E-liquid

Anarchist E-liquid

When it is about the best e-liquid brand belonging to an American company in the UK, Anarchist settles the debate with its unique and colorful flavours. Designated as Anarchist Black, Anarchist Blue, and many others like them, Anarchist juices feature the right blends of desserts and cakes.


  • The best American juice brand in the UK
  • A number of e-juices with different ingredients
  • Massive bottle size


    Anarchist is a big vape player that comes at a massive price

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How To Buy The Best American E-liquid Flavours Of 2018 In The UK

All the above-mentioned American e-juices are extremely popular in the UK. You can buy them from different online or offline stores. If you want all of them under one roof, come to Vapour Depot. The store has all the e-juices with information about them in detail.



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