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Top 10 Cheap e-liquid Flavours To Try in 2018 Under £10

In the process of making vaping more versatile and flavoursome for users, e-juice prices have surged dramatically in the last few years. In some cases, vapers are paying a huge amount for just one millilitre of e-juice. Almost every brand today has a premium line of e-liquids that come at a massive price tag. Although they give a taste of drowning, not everyone can afford them to vape regularly.

Introduction to Cheap E-liquid

While many e-liquid brands are focusing to introduce new luxury juice lines, there are some e-juice players who still think of making vaping affordable for all.

Let’s break the stereotype! Only expensive doesn’t mean the best. This is so true in the case of e-juices. There are many delicious flavours that come at a surprisingly low price. If you are one of those vapers who believe in tasting e-juices within the budget, we have you covered. Our experienced vape experts have tried plenty of cheap e-liquid flavours in the market and short-listed 10 best of them to buy in 2018.

  • A* 50s Blueberry Cheesecake

A* 50s Blueberry Cheesecake

Get a hit that combines the rich flavour of cheesecake and sweetness of blueberries with A* 50s Blueberry Cheesecake. Made by Vapour Deport, the sumptuous e-liquid comes at a 50 VG and 50 PG ratio in a bottle of 20 ml juice. What more amazing about the juice is its price. You can get it after paying just £2.49 – £3.49 to the seller.


      • Affordable branded e-juice
      • Juicy and rich flavours
      • Also available as nicotine-free e-juice


      • The bottle size is 20 ml

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  • The OGZ The Opium

The OGZ The Opium

The OGZ gives you a chance to taste pleasant opium through its cost-effective yet flavoursome The OGZ The Opium e-juice. Available with nicotine shot and without nicotine, the branded e-liquid ranges between £6.99 – £7.99 price tag. The PG and VG ratio is 70:30.


      • Flavour profile includes aniseed, black currant, menthol
      • Bottle size is 30 ml. Shortfill of 25 ml is also available
      • Option to add 5ml to The OGZ and shake


      • Not for those who don’t like opium

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  • Little Mr Cream Passion Fruit

Little Mr Cream Passion Fruit

Packed in an attractive bottle, Little Mr Cream Passion Fruit by Mr Cream is a treat for the fans of passion fruit. What makes it a top class serving is a blend of rich velvety cream and sweet passion fruit. Available in a mix ratio of 70VG and 30PG, the e-liquid is available everywhere- be it the best e-liquid shop in the UK or a small store.


      • Cheap e-juice: £6.99 – £7.99
      • 25 ml bottle size
      • Attractive bottle


      • Flavour profile contains only passion fruit and cream

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  • Vampire Vape Pinkman 70VG

Vampire Vape Pinkman 70VG

If you are searching for the cheap European e-liquid under £10, then Vampire Vape Pinkman 70VG is an ideal choice to make. The flavour by famous Vampire Vape is a sweet blend of berries and mixed fruit. The 70VG:30PG makes it a perfect sub-ohm vape juice at just £3.99.


      • Mouth-watering flavour profile
      • Suitable for sub-ohm vaping
      • PG/VG ratio is 70/30


      • Bottle size is 10 ml

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  • Goldfish Sauce Grape Escape Shorty

Goldfish Sauce Grape Escape Shorty

For the fans of Goldfish Sauce, Goldfish Sauce Grape Escape Shorty is no less than a heavenly treat. The 30 ml bottle (25 ml shortfill) contains a blend of grape, bubblegum, and soda that takes you on a tasty tour of vaping. If nicotine in vaping is your game, you can choose Goldfish Sauce with nicotine booster shot. And yes! You just need to pay £5.99 – £6.99 to get your bottle of flavours.


      • Massive 30 ml bottle size
      • Mix ratio is 75VG:25PG
      • Nicotine booster shot of 18mg/ml


      • Not for vapers who like PG over VG

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  • Dr Frost Strawberry Ice

Dr Frost Strawberry Ice

The e-liquid by Dr Frost is another cost-effective European e-liquid that is famous among vapers for its affordable price and refreshing flavour profile. The 30 ml of e-juice contains a fruity mix of strawberry, ice, and low mint. For this juicy mix, you will have to pay just £6.99 – £7.99.


      • Refreshing strawberry flavour
      • 70VG:30PG mix ratio
      • Available as nicotine and nicotine-free e-liquid


      • Not for vapers who don’t like menthol

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  • Cheap Thrills Glory Glaze

Cheap Thrills Glory Glaze

Pay just £9.99 and taste a perfect dessert blend of freshly baked doughnut and juicy blueberry. The 30 ml pack of Cheap Thrills Glory Glaze includes three bottles of 10 ml capacity. The nicotine strength of the e-liquid is 3mg.


      • Fresh flavours
      • A pack of three bottles
      • Mix ratio is 70 VG and 30 PG


      • Not for vapers who want nicotine-free e-juice

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  • Element Designer Nic Salts Candy Punch

Element Designer Nic Salts Candy Punch

An amazing American e-liquid, Element Designer Nic Salts Candy Punch by Element is flavoursome and cost-effective at the same time. The 10 ml bottle of e-liquid comes at just £6.99. Its profile contains a blend of candy and fruit that makes it a sweet juice to inhale any time.


      • Made in the USA by Element
      • Mix ratio is 65VG and 35PG
      • Juicy flavour


      • 10 ml bottle size

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  • Flawless We Aint Done

Flawless We Aint Done

Among all the American e-liquid flavours in the UK under £10, Flawless We Aint Done by Flawless is the best. Its flavour profile includes a long list of flavours, including vanilla bean ice cream, cinnamon, strawberry, and cheesecake. The pack comes as three bottles of 10 ml each to satisfy your taste buds at just £7.99.


      • The most amazing American e-liquid in the UK under £10
      • Flavour profile contains lots of types
      • Mix ratio is 80VG and 20PG


      • More VG than PG

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  • Dinner Lady Rice Pudding Multipack

Dinner Lady Rice Pudding Multipack

Search for the best e-liquid of 2018 in the UK under £10 finishes with Dinner Lady Rice Pudding Multipack by Dinner Lady. The 60-gram e-liquid pack includes three bottles of delicious raspberry jam and rice pudding. The classic vape juice is the perfect dessert with a juicy flavour profile. So spend just £9.99 and embark on a delicious vape journey.


      • A perfect blend of creamy rice pudding and juicy raspberry jam
      • Mix ratio of 70VG and 30PG
      • 3mg and 6mg strength


      • Everything is perfect about the e-liquid

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How To Buy E-liquids Under £10

All these best and cheap eliquids are delicious in their own ways. They are extremely popular among vapers, and you can get them from different online vape shops in the UK. However, only Vapour Depot sells them at discounted prices. By purchasing them from the Vapour Depot online shop, you can get many American and European eliquid flavour within your budget.


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