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Top 10 Best RTA Vape Tanks Of 2019 In The UK

How do you find the Best RTA Vape Tanks when the vaping world is growing bigger and better with every passing day. Manufacturers seem to be introducing different types of devices, accessories and flavours constantly.

With countless vape tanks in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one amongst them. When trying to select the best vape tank, there are a plenty of factors that a buyer must keep in their mind, such as tank capacity, functionality and price.

Which RTA Tank Should I Buy?

The vape market is full of tanks that are different from each other in terms of design, size, versatility and style and due to this it can seem impossible to find the best vape tank without trying all the Subohm & RTA tanks currently available for sale. Of course all manufacturers and suppliers claim their tanks and devices are the best, but how can you really know for sure that their products will fit your requirement?

Well you?re in luck, we have gone through all the current vape tanks currently available for sale in the UK to see if they meet the demands of UK vapers.

Here are 10 best vape tanks available in the UK that you must have this year:

1. Vandy Vape Kylin v2 RTA
A pair of Vandy Vape Kylin v2 RTA's. A pink and blue rainbow RTA tank on the left and a blue vape tank on the right. The Kylin RTA is number one on the Best RTA 2019 list.

Out of the box’ from the first impression, the Kylin v2 RTA has the same great build quality that was found in the Kylin Mini RTA. This upgraded Vandy Vape Kylin has the familiar 180? Honeycomb Airflow Intake found in the Mini version, however this time the deck has been increased to fit dual coil configurations. Featuring a condensed chamber section that ensures enough amazing flavour production and smooth airflow.

The Vandy Vape Kylin v2 RTA is ruling the chart of top vape tanks in 2019. Here?s a look at some of its main features:

  • Innovative Honeycomb Airflow
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24K gold-plated build deck
  • Sliding top fill mechanism

The Kylin v2 is a TPD compliant rebuildable tank atomiser, therefore the UK version has a 2ml tank capacity which can be extended using replacement bubble glass tube.

The bottom line – Looking for a rebuildable flavour banger? This one?s for you.

We rate the Vandy Vape Kylin V2 RTA: ????

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2. Vaperz Cloud Dreadnaught RTA

A pair of Vaperz Cloud Dreadnaught RTA vape tanks. A stainless steel RTA tank upright on the left and black tank laying down on the right. The Dreadnaught RTA is number two on the Best RTA Vape Tanks list.

Vaperz Cloud aren?t usually a company we would associate with rebuildable tanks, they are most well known for RDA?s (dripping atomisers) and mechanical mods. But with the Dreadnaught RTA, Vaperz Cloud hit a home, or should we say Ohm, run.

The Dreadnaught is a 25mm RTA with a large deck capable of fitting the most exotic coil builds. What makes this vape tank even more awesome? The deck is fully removable and you can even throw a Horizon Falcon coil in there if you?re out and about and don?t have time for a rebuild.

Have we peaked your interest in the Vaperz Cloud Dreadnaught, here?s a run down of it?s main features:

  • 25mm diameter
  • Removable deck
  • Horizon falcon coil compatible
  • Pull top fill method
  • 14 hole adjustable airflow

The Dreadnaught is another TPD compliant tank, therefore the UK version has a 2ml tank capacity which can be extended using replacement bubble glass tube.

The bottom line – If you are an advanced vaper who loves their large clapton coils, this is sure to be a fit for you.

We rate the Vaperz Cloud Dreadnaught RTA: ????

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3. OBS Engine MTL RTA

A pair of OBS Engine MTL RTA vape tanks. A stainless steel RTA tank on the left and black tank on the right. The Engine MTL RTA is number three on the Best RTA Vape Tanks list.With the rise in popularity of mouth to lung vaping and nicotine salt e Liquid, there needs to be a great mouth to lung rebuildable tank to vape your high nicotine juice right?

Enter the OBS Engine MTL Tank. Included with the OBS Cube MTL Kit, this little tank has a reduced chamber and single coil rebuildable deck which will really show off the flavour notes of your favourite e Liquids.

Still retaining the 24mm diameter of the OBS Engine series of tanks, the Engine MTL tank has a classic 2 post mouth to lung style deck with dual wicking ports. Simply place your coil in the middle of the deck, thread your cotton through the coil and drop the ends of the cotton in the wick ports, it couldn?t be any simpler.

Here?s the Engine Tanks features:

  • 2 post single coil deck
  • Top airflow adjustment from tight to restricted lung
  • 2ml e-juice capacity
  • Designed for nicotine salt e Liquids

The bottom line – Love vaping nicotine salt juices or high nicotine 50 50, then pick this one up.

We rate the OBS Engine MTL RTA: ????

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4. HellVape Dead Rabbit RTAA stainless steel HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA tank laying on its side. The Dead Rabbit RTA is number four on the Best rebuildable Vape Tanks list.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA is the latest creation in the Vapin? Heathen series of products. The build quality surpasses many of the other vape tanks available in the UK, constructed from heavyweight stainless steel.

Featuring the unique ?Rabbit Ear? deck design, the build deck has been elevated slightly to allow for protruding coil leads to be snipped without painstaking measuring.

The Dead Rabbit tank was designed for dual coil configurations, but we found that building a single coil across the middle of the deck can lead to some really rather impressive flavour production.

Here?s what sets the Dead Rabbit RTA tank apart from the rest:

  • Top airflow design
  • Solid design and craftsmanship
  • Easy coil building and trimming of leads
  • Huge build area
  • 2ml capacity and an extended bubble glass is provided

The bottom line – If you like rebuildable atomisers but worry about leaking, this is a great buy.

We rate the HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA: ?????

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5. OFRF Gear RTA

A gun metal OFRF Gear RTA tank with clear glass. The Gear Vape Tank is number five on the Best RTA Vape Tanks list.

OFRF is a company which seemed to pop up from out of nowhere, yet they nailed it with the Gear RTA tank.

The Gear vape tank is a 24mm single coil tank with a reduced chamber which churns out the flavour. Whilst not a mouth to lung tank, the Gear RTA is slightly restricted lung tank meaning you can use a single clapton style coil, use your normal subohm vape liquids and taste all the delicate flavour notes, due to the domed vaporisation chamber.

Here?s the features of the OFRF Gear RTA:

  • Reduced domed chamber for increased flavour
  • Low profile design
  • Simple deck design and easy wicking
  • 2ml juice capacity upgradeable with an included frosted tube

The bottom line – If you?re looking for intense flavour with limited cloud production, this one will suit you best. Is this the on of the Best RTA Vape Tanks in the UK? It could well be.

We rate the OFRF Gear RTA: ????

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6. Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA

A black Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA tank with clear glass. The Serpent Vape Tank is number six on the Best RTA Vape Tanks list.

The latest product to come from the mind of Matt from the Suck My Mod YouTube channel, the Serpent Elevate tank takes the deck from the Wofoto Nudge RDA, raises it up and encases it in a tank.

Another single coil tank, the Elevate RTA uses long wicks to pull up juice from underneath the build deck area in what we would call the evolution of the genesis style tank atomiser.

The Serpent Elevate utilises top directed airflow to hit the coil in the most efficient manner. One of the most talked about RTA?s of 2018, this is definitely one to add to your arsenal, here?s some further details:

  • Elevated single coil build deck
  • Compatible with left or right hand coils
  • Leak free top airflow design
  • 2ml capacity with an extended frost tube included

The bottom line – This is for those who want to build single coils and need a leak free top airflow design.

We rate the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA: ???

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7. Wake Mod Co Littlefoot MTL RTA

A gold and black Wake Mod Co Littlefoot MTL RTA with a clear plastic drip tip. The Littlefoot MTL Vape Tank is number seven on the Best RTA Vape Tanks list.

Another mouth to lung tank for the list, Wake mods latest entry into the atomiser market, the Littlefoot MTL RTA  is a compact 22mm RTA tank with an elevated postless deck.

Designed by James and Ileigha from Wake Mod Co (previously Dotmod where they created the amazing Petri RDA), you know that this tank is going to be one beautiful creation that has the flavour and performance to match!

Primarily for nicotine salt e liquids, the Wake MTL?s reduced chamber and discrete design ensure a whole new world of flavour.

Here?s what you need to know about the Littlefoot MTL Tank:

  • Elevated single coil build deck
  • Compact 22mm vape tank
  • Designed for use with nicotine salt e Liquid
  • Elegant and stylish design

The bottom line – One for the nic salt vapers who care about style. A real contender for the Best RTA Vape Tanks of 2019.

We rate the Wake Mod Co Littlefoot MTL RTA: ????

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8. Horizontech Falcon Tank

Three Horizontech Falcon Tanks in a row. A red tank is show on the left, a blue tank in the middle and a green Falcon tank on the right. Each tank has clear glass. The Falcon Vape Tank is number eight on the Best RTA Vape Tanks list.

Ok this one?s not a rebuildable tank, but the Horizon Falcon may just be the best tank for flavour on the market in 2019.

The flavour production using the Falcon?s M2 mesh coils rivals (and even surpasses) the quality of flavour and vapour production of some of the best RTA rebuildable tanks out there.

If you switched to rebuildable coils over a year ago, you may not have been able to try or appreciate just how great the latest generation of subohm tanks have been, and we can assure you that the Falcon tank is the cream of the crop.

Here?s why we recommend the Horizon Falcon Subohm Tank:

  • Long lasting mesh coils
  • Increased coil life due to wood pulp and cotton blend wicks
  • Stylish design available in a huge range of colours and materials

The bottom line – It?s not rebuildable, but once you try it you won?t be able to tell the difference.

We rate the Horizon Falcon Tank: ?????

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9. Innokin Isub B Tank

Four Innokin Isub B Tanks in a row. A black tank is show on the left, a gun metal tank in the middle left, a stainless steel tank iSub tank is second from right and a blue tank is shown on the right. The Innokin iSub Vape Tank is number nine on the Best RTA 2019 list.

Another Subohm tank (this the last one we promise) which utilises mesh coils. This time from Innokin, a company known for build quality and long lasting products which stand the test of time.

The Innokin I Sub series has been around for years and the Isub B is the 6th generation of Isub tanks. Innokin have developed their new generation of mesh coils, nicknamed Plex3D mesh. With flavour production rivalling many of the rebuildable tank atomisers currently available, we couldn?t justify leaving this out. Here?s a few reasons to buy:

  • New Plex3D mesh coils
  • Budget friendly price
  • Innokin?s brilliant build quality
  • Lower wattage required

The bottom line – Again, this one?s not  a rebuildable vape tank, but if you?re looking for great flavour, cheap replacement coils, you can?t go wrong with the Innokin Isub B.

We rate the Innokin Isub B Tank: ????

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10. Coil Art Mage 2019 RTA

A purple and red Coil Art 2019 RTA tank is with a clear pyrex glass and a black drip tip. The Mage RTA is number ten on the Best Vape Tanks list.

Following on from the success of the Coil Art Mage v2 RTA, the Coil Art Mage 2019 brings a whole new deck design (not too dissimilar to that of the Kylin v2 mentioned previously). Yes, the half-pipe styled deck is this years velocity deck but with the performance is gives we have no issues with that!

Featuring a plethora of colour finishes, this tank may look like your standard sub-ohm tank but the dual coil postless deck is certainly a dream for any builder.

Here is why we enjoy the Coil Art Mage 2019 RTA:

  • Redirected centre airslots
  • Stunning looks
  • Excellent airflow
  • Postless build deck
  • Did we mention the looks?

The bottom line – Looking for a stylish rebuildable for subohm vaping, this is a good choice.

We rate the Coil Art Mage 2019 RTA: ????

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Final Words

Rebuildable tanks are not just another vaping fad, they are here to stay and the current selection are some of the best we?ve seen. Not only do you save money, but you?ll have a better flavour experience with the selection we?ve chosen above! Plus with the choice of coils and wire available, you can fine tune your experience to be exactly how you want.

By purchasing your hardware from Vapour Depot, you?ll also receive a free pair of hand made fused claptons with every RTA or RDA order so you don?t even have to build your own coils when your order arrives – simply throw our fused claptons in and you are good to go!

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