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Berry Creamy

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MasterVapor?Berry Creamy

A delectable sweet and sour berry blend combined with the smoothness of a rich cream topping

You are purchasing 10ml of Berry Creamy Electronic Cigarette Flavoring.

This?100% USA made concentrated Berry Creamy flavouring is perfect for use with your base mixture. This can be used as a single flavour or as part of a mix.

USP kosher grade flavoring. Artificial color and Diacetyl free. No added salts or sugars.

We recommend the concentrated e-juice flavoring to be mixed at 15% with unflavored base.

Ingredients List: Natural and/or Artificial Flavoring, Propylene Glycol and Alcohol.

All MasterVapor concentrates we sell are a popular brand, re-branded and re-bottled in LDPE dropper bottles.

Please note, this is a concentrated flavouring and is intended for DIY eLiquid mixes. Do not vape with product with out diluting in the appropriate based mixture.

If you are just starting your DIY journey, take a look here.

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